Which 'Rugrats' Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Whether it's intentional or not, every '90s kid knows who the Rugrats are. From the brotherly love evidenced by Tommy and Dil Pickles to the grandiose machinations of Angelica, the deviant toddlers' personalities are too zanny and colorful to ever forget. 

Airing steadily from 1991-2004, Rugrats is a beloved Nickelodeon cartoon where a bunch of babies set out on daily adventures with boundless amounts of imagination. If you've ever found yourself sharing Tommy's limitless adventerous energy or caught yourself throwing the ultimate Angelica temper tantrum, the reason why you gravitate to certain Rugrats characters could have a totally cosmic explanation. 

Find out which Rugrats character you are by pairing them up with your zodiac sign and let the stars explain your uncanny affinity for cookies or inventing strange toys.