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'Rugrats' Jokes You'll Only Appreciate If You're All Grown Up

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Rugrats wasn't just a popular '90s cartoon, it was THE '90s cartoon. The classic show ran on Nickelodeon for almost 15 years, and followed the adventures of a group of babies as they experienced the world for the first time. While the show was undeniably for kids, as we got older we realized how many of the jokes were geared towards adults. A lot of the humor played on the existential dread that comes with getting older, and frankly it rings more and more true today. These are the best comebacks from Rugrats.  

  • 1. Same Stu, Same

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    Yup, that's adulthood?
  • 2. He Tried His Best

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    Yup, that's adulthood?
  • 3. Remember Happiness?

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    Yup, that's adulthood?
  • 4. Missing A Key Point

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    Yup, that's adulthood?