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20 Things You Didn't Know About Rugrats

Updated March 19, 2020 889k views19 items

Rugrats was one of the most iconic, influential, and memorable cartoons of all time. In the heyday of Nickelodeon and Nicktoons, it was wildly popular and considered to be one of the best animated series. But, if you were just a young rugrat yourself when you were enjoying this television show, you might want to learn more about behind the scenes facts and other fun Rugrats trivia you may not have picked up on back in the '90s.

Because its main protagonists were all so different, Rugrats gave kids a broad spectrum of characters to relate to. Even its antagonist, Angelica, had her good qualities and gave older sisters a show they could watch with their younger siblings. At the same time, the show was teaching children important life lessons and morals left and right, hidden in the fun times of its crazy kid characters. 

Lets take a look back at this colorful animated world of '90s nostalgia and dig up some Rugrats facts you may be unaware of and be sure to upvote the most interesting Rugrats TV show trivia below!

  • The Show Wasn't Just Entertaining, it Was Inspirational

    Although the movie and the 1997 episode "Mother's Day" tell viewers that Chuckie's mom died, the early episodes implied she was still alive. They did this so children watching the show who had also dealt with the death of a parent would have someone with whom to identify.

  • It Had a Strong Female Cast

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    Although three of the four main babies are male, all four of them were voiced by females.

  • Christine Cavanaugh Voiced a Few Other Iconic Red Heads

    In addition to voicing Chucky on Rugrats, Christine Cavanaugh was the voice of Dexter on Dexter's Laboratory. She was also Bunnie on The Sonic Show, and provided supporting voices on Darkwing Duck, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, and other great kid's shows. 

  • It Set the Bar for All Nicktoons to Come

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    Rugrats was the first Nicktoon to be turned into a movie, with 1998's The Rugrats Movie. Though TV shows being adapted to movies is fairly common these days, it wasn't as common in the '90s and Rugrats set the groundwork. It was also the first Nicktoon home DVD release.