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College is a time for experimentation, but your chances of trying new things are pretty limited if you attend a Christian college. Christian colleges have been around for a while and are schools centered around a particular faith, regardless of how absurd the tenets of said faith actually are. While the curriculum is often similar to what you would find at a regular institution of higher education, the lifestyle of students is more closely monitored by the administration. Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FL, and Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, are probably the best-known Christian colleges in the United States, although there are many more. Pensacola Christian College horror stories and stories of life at Liberty often involve intense rules.

Things like contact between men and women, drug use, and certain movies and television shows are often banned. Students may be reprimanded for watching the wrong movie, attending the wrong social event, or simply engaging in a romantic relationship. The goal is to keep students living holy, chaste lives. If you've ever wondered what a Christian college is like, or are considering attending one yourself, read up on some of the rules and regulations at the nation's strictest Christian campuses. 

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    At Pensacola College, Men And Women Are Separated At All Times – So Are Their Cars

    It’s unsurprising Christian schools want to promote chastity, and many have stringent rules regarding male/female interaction. Pensacola College takes this about 100 steps further. There, men and women cannot be alone together in any secluded locations. In addition, any type of male/female touching is forbidden, both on and off campus. Men and women also have separate parking areas. Men are not allowed in the women’s parking lot and vice versa.

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    The Internet Is Off Limits, And Your Personal Computer Is Not Private At Pensacola

    Internet is completely off limits at Pensacola College. While personal computers are allowed, don’t expect your information to be private if you enroll in the school. The school reserves the right to check files on personal laptops at any time if they suspect students have been accessing illicit or banned material via a computer.

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    Pensacola College Has Separate Elevators For Men And Women To Avoid Any And All Love In An Elevator

    Pensacola College is extremely concerned about interaction between male and female students, so much so that men and women have designated elevators. According to the school’s website, due to the congested nature of the campus, the school feels it’s best to separate men and women altogether when it comes to riding elevators. This is likely because accidental touching may occur in crowded spaces. In each building on campus, there are designated male and female elevators and stairways.

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    Some Schools Ban Specific Genres Of Music

    Pensacola Christian College has some pretty strict rules regarding music. According to their website, music can either encourage Biblical thinking or push students to pursue more earthly desires. The school recommends students stick to music like classical, semi-classical, traditional, patriotic, or marching band.

    The school outright bans jazz, rock, rap, R&B, pop, country, and contemporary Christian music. Students may not be in possession of this music in any forms and are banned from listening to it both on and off campus.

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    Pensacola College Has Some Special Rules About Where Women Can And Can't Go

    Pensacola College has some pretty intense rules in regards to where women can go and how they can congregate. Women going to the beach must be in groups of five or more. They must also be accompanied by a junior or senior chaperone. Women are also not allowed to go places like grocery stores and shopping centers after dark. They are completely banned from the dark road near the campus’s railroad tracks at all times, regardless of the time of day.

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    Liberty University Fines Students For Dancing

    Not only is dancing outlawed at Liberty University, but you could also face a fine for indulging in the practice. For attending a single dance, you are forced to pay a $25 fine. However, in 2015, the university loosened some restrictions. Now, organized dancing, such as ballroom dancing and salsa lessons, are permitted. However, any kind of social dancing is strictly prohibited.

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