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The Many, Many Gross And Truly Shocking Marilyn Manson Rumors You've Heard Over The Years

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What’s the truth about Marilyn Manson, the rocker who built an entire career on shocking people? Born Brian Hugh Warner, and raised in a Christian household, he rebelled from establishment in his youth, changed his name to reflect the dichotomy of beautiful movie star Marilyn Monroe and the hideous murderer Charlies Manson, and became a rock star who courted controversy. Because of his provocative and dark persona, rumors about Marilyn Manson take on an extra layer of bizarre not typically seen in most other celebrity rumors.

First off, very few of these crazy Marilyn Manson stories happen to be true, and the ones that could be true have yet to be verified. In all honesty, Manson's song about having only one testicle might be real, but rumors of him starring in The Wonder Years are simply false. It boggles the mind people make up rumors about him considering that facts about Marilyn Manson are already so outrageous. 

  • He Removed His Girlfriend's Eye

    Why would Manson remove his girlfriend's eye? According to the gossip, the rocker removed her eye so he could penetrate her via her eye socket. There are plenty of rumors like this one revolving solely around sex and mutilation, including one involving a cow tongue and oral pleasures. It does beg the question,: do the people who start these rumors believe that Manson is 100% totally incapable of having any sort of normal sex life?

  • He Was A Big TV Actor And Actress Before Becoming The Antichrist Superstar

    Photo: ABC

    Before bringing work of Satan to mainstream radio, Marilyn Manson allegedly began his career as an actor. The initial fabrications stated Manson played Kevin Arnold's BFF Paul on the TV show The Wonder Years. It's easy to see why this rumor got started; the two actually do look alike. Of course, one small issue here: Paul was played by actor Josh Saviano and Manson's real name is Brian Warner.

    Then, there was a rumor that Manson played Kevin Owens from the sitcom Mr. Belvedere. Once again in the age of Google, this falsehood is easily debunked, with a quick search revealing the actor to be Rob Stone. Finally, just to get totally crazy, there was a rumor that Manson played Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, a piece of gossip traceable to the the tall tale that Manson was actually born a female. However, everyone knows Kevin's dream girl Winnie was played by Danica McKellar.

  • Manson Wrote 'Cryptorchid' Because He Suffers From The Medical Condition

    Video: YouTube

    The medical condition Cryptorchidism, a birth defect where one or both of the testicles fail to descend, also inspired the title of the Manson track "Cryptorchid." When released as track from his album Antichrist Superstar, people began to assume Manson too suffered from this condition.

    The song's lyrics metaphorically refer to the concept album's protagonist, Marilyn Manson as his younger self, Brian Warner, and his feelings of inferiority. One of the lyrics reflect that theme: "I wish I had my balls."

    If this rumor happens to be true, Manson boasts bigger balls than most people with two of them.

  • Manson Got Breast Implants

    Photo: Nothing Records / Wikimedia Commons / Fair use

    Talk about going method. As part of his concept album Mechanical Animals, Manson reportedly wanted to become his alter-ego Omēga from the cover artwork. Omēga, a "gender-ambiguous alien discovered on Earth," gets kidnapped by the recording industry and turned into a rock star. The rumors surrounding this project alleged that Manson received breast implants for the cover and subsequently had them removed.

    Though Manson wore prosthetic breasts for the song's music video, they were props made by George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic. According to Marilyn, Johnny Depp currently owns the prosthetic breasts and Manson owns one of Depp's blonde wigs from his movie Blow. Sounds like a fair trade.