The Many, Many Gross And Truly Shocking Marilyn Manson Rumors You've Heard Over The Years

What’s the truth about Marilyn Manson, the rocker who built an entire career on shocking people? Born Brian Hugh Warner, and raised in a Christian household, he rebelled from establishment in his youth, changed his name to reflect the dichotomy of beautiful movie star Marilyn Monroe and the hideous murderer Charlies Manson, and became a rock star who courted controversy. Because of his provocative and dark persona, rumors about Marilyn Manson take on an extra layer of bizarre not typically seen in most other celebrity rumors.

First off, very few of these crazy Marilyn Manson stories happen to be true, and the ones that could be true have yet to be verified. In all honesty, Manson's song about having only one testicle might be real, but rumors of him starring in The Wonder Years are simply false. It boggles the mind people make up rumors about him considering that facts about Marilyn Manson are already so outrageous.