The Many, Many Gross And Truly Shocking Marilyn Manson Rumors You've Heard Over The Years

What’s the truth about Marilyn Manson, the rocker who built an entire career on shocking people? Born Brian Hugh Warner, and raised in a Christian household, he rebelled from establishment in his youth, changed his name to reflect the dichotomy of beautiful movie star Marilyn Monroe and the hideous murderer Charlies Manson, and became a rock star who courted controversy. Because of his provocative and dark persona, rumors about Marilyn Manson take on an extra layer of bizarre not typically seen in most other celebrity rumors.

First off, very few of these crazy Marilyn Manson stories happen to be true, and the ones that could be true have yet to be verified. In all honesty, Manson's song about having only one testicle might be real, but rumors of him starring in The Wonder Years are simply false. It boggles the mind people make up rumors about him considering that facts about Marilyn Manson are already so outrageous. 

Photo: Marilyn Manson / Twitter

  • He Hired Nic Cage To Be Him At Public Events

    This rumor took hold after several people on the Internet thought that Nic Cage and Marilyn Manson appeared to be slowly morphing into the same person. In 2008, the rumor evolved to the point where Manson hired Cage to show up at events and just pretend to be him. Although they maybe sort of, kind of look alike in their older age, this rumor is just wonderfully ridiculous, especially because Cage already has his hands full stealing the Declaration of Independence.

  • Manson Slaughters Puppies At His Shows

    Rock and roll boasts a long history of rumors involve "shocking" frontmen abusing animals. For reference, just ask Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne. Manson, with his Prince of Darkness provocations, became a prime target for such rumors. Some sicko started a rumor in the late '90s Manson got into the habit of throwing several puppies into the crowd before his rock show. He would then tell the raging audience that he wouldn't start playing until all the puppies were killed.

    Any truth to this outrageously hideous rumor? Of course not, as Manson and whoever participated in something this vile would be arrested for animal cruelty. PETA and the ASPCA would certainly not stand for it, and honestly neither would the Internet.

  • He Removed Ribs In Order To S His D

    One of the more popular Manson rumors that caught fire on the internet in the late '90s. The rumor likely began in 1994, when officers arrested Manson during a concert in Florida. The police nabbed him because they thought he was performing oral sex on another man, which would have been in violation of something called the "adult entertainment code." Go figure, the police acted too hastily as they are wont to do. Manson was merely simulating oral sex on lead singer Jessicka from the band Jack Off Jill. Jessicka wore a prosthetic penis at the time.

    "The Dope Show" vocalist sarcastically addressed this silly rumor (and a couple other popular rumors) in his 1998 autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell:

    "If I really got my ribs removed, I would have been busy sucking my own dick on The Wonder Years instead of chasing Winnie Cooper. Plus, who really has time to be killing puppies when you can be sucking your own dick? I think I'm gonna call the surgeon in the morning."

  • His Plan To Commit Suicide Onstage

    A rumor spread that the rocker was planning to take part in what would be the most shocking stunt in rock history. On Halloween night in 1996, at the Convention Center in Asbury Park, New Jersey, whispers said that Manson would commit suicide right there on stage in front of thousands. Of course everyone knows that Manson, who is obviously still very much alive, did not take his life that night.

    Manson addressed the rumor during a 1999 interview with Rolling Stone:

    "I started to think, 'Maybe I have to kill myself, maybe that's what I was supposed to do.' Then, when we were performing on Halloween, there was a bomb threat. I guess someone thought they would take care of the situation for me. It was one of those moments where chaos had control."

  • He Removed His Girlfriend's Eye

    Why would Manson remove his girlfriend's eye? According to the gossip, the rocker removed her eye so he could penetrate her via her eye socket. There are plenty of rumors like this one revolving solely around sex and mutilation, including one involving a cow tongue and oral pleasures. It does beg the question,: do the people who start these rumors believe that Manson is 100% totally incapable of having any sort of normal sex life?

  • He Was A Big TV Actor And Actress Before Becoming The Antichrist Superstar

    He Was A Big TV Actor And Actress Before Becoming The Antichrist Superstar
    Photo: ABC

    Before bringing work of Satan to mainstream radio, Marilyn Manson allegedly began his career as an actor. The initial fabrications stated Manson played Kevin Arnold's BFF Paul on the TV show The Wonder Years. It's easy to see why this rumor got started; the two actually do look alike. Of course, one small issue here: Paul was played by actor Josh Saviano and Manson's real name is Brian Warner.

    Then, there was a rumor that Manson played Kevin Owens from the sitcom Mr. Belvedere. Once again in the age of Google, this falsehood is easily debunked, with a quick search revealing the actor to be Rob Stone. Finally, just to get totally crazy, there was a rumor that Manson played Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, a piece of gossip traceable to the the tall tale that Manson was actually born a female. However, everyone knows Kevin's dream girl Winnie was played by Danica McKellar.