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14 Runaway Bride Stories That Prove Marriage Isn't For Everyone

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Not every relationship works out. Some fall apart early on while others might dissolve after years. But what about the breakups that happen just before the wedding? Here are stories of would-be brides who decided to make a run for it right before the big moment. 

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    'Are You In Love With Him Or In Love With The Idea Of A Wedding?'

    Posted by u/just_play_one_on_tv:

    I was 17 at the time, and still in high school. Met an alleged Army guy (pre-full swing Internet, so no way to really check), and we hit it off. I was young and fell in "love" with guys really fast, so when he proposed, I was ecstatic.

    The red flags were there. He asked my parent for permission. He proposed loudly at a pizza shop (which, socially, would have been too awkward to say no anyway). He didn't have his own place. I never met his family. I never saw any evidence of being in the military.

    Cue a few weeks later. We had a fight because he called out his sister's name during [relations]. He then told me that everything would be fine because he was going to take me to Kentucky to live on an Army base. He also told me he wanted me to be "barefoot and pregnant" most of the time, ha ha ha. We were going to get married and leave the day after I graduated high school.

    I did some real soul searching. I became withdrawn and quiet. I was visiting my nana one day and she asked me, "Are you in love with him or in love with the idea of a wedding?"

    And just like that, the bubble burst. I cried and broke it off with him...two weeks before I graduated.

    Apparently, he had already booked the Justice of the Peace. But he got married anyway three weeks later...with the same ring he gave me. Poor girl. I wish I knew her so I could warn her.

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      The Bride Had No Idea She Was Getting Married

      Posted by u/QuintinTheKitten:

      Had a friend that didn’t know she was the bride until she was half way down the aisle.

      Her parents had arranged a marriage for her (common in her culture) and had told her that the family had all been invited to a cousin’s wedding. My friend was told everyone was going to be wearing white for whatever reason, I don’t remember. They arrived at the church just before the bride was scheduled to walk down the aisle. My friend, thinking they’re late, wanted to slip in and stay in the back. Her father however takes her arm and they start walking up the aisle. It isn’t until they’re half way up that she stops and realizes everyone is looking at her and smiling and crying tears of joy. She turned to one of her aunts in the pew next to her and asked them who was getting married.

      The whole church went silent and then the aunt looked at my friend's father and said “You can’t be serious! You planned a wedding for your daughter and just expected her to go along with it?! Have the two of them even met? Did you seriously think this would work?!” The whole room was them chattering about them and the father just clear his throat and told his daughter to keep walking. Luckily the aunt grabbed my friend first and pulled her into the pew, pushed her past the row of people and they both ran out of the church. Her parents disowned her after that and she moved in with that aunt.

      (NOTE: They are an Indian family in the US, her parents are very traditional and she expressed that she didn’t want to get married and wanted to focus on her career.)

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        A Horrible Mishap Sent The Groom Spiraling

        Posted by u/girlsxgonexmild:

        I've waited a very long time to share this.

        Years ago, I was a single mom, working hard but not getting ahead at all. Met a "good guy" type. Architect. Good sense of humor, etc. We dated for about a year, then got engaged. Then the unthinkable happened and this is where I am the [jerk] in many people's minds.

        He was in a horrible car accident. Broke both of his femurs and his back, about 10 months before our wedding. He was a (poorly controlled) diabetic as well so his healing was significantly delayed. He ended up confined to an electric wheelchair and since his legs were in casts from hip to ankle, his legs had to be extended straight out in front of him at all times.

        I really, really tried to stick by him, but he made it impossible. He did nothing but p*ss and moan and [complain] about every single thing that the doctors told him. He refused physical therapy, would not take his medication correctly, did not cooperate with wound care, wouldn't take his insulin correctly, all the things that make for a horrible patient and even worse person to be around. He managed to get addicted to the narcotics, sleeping pills and xanax as well.

        Through all this, our wedding planning was still happening, mostly by his family. He was moved from the hospital to a live-in group home where his health [and attitude] only declined. Wearing pants was difficult so he wore nothing on his bottom half for months, just happy with a bed sheet over his lap. No matter what. His moods were totally uncontrollable, he became aggressive and so verbally [insulting]. One evening he missed a Final Jeopardy question and threw his open urinal at me.

        Even after the doctors had *insisted* that he HAD to start bending his legs, he absolutely refused. Nope, not gonna do it.

        Fast forward to my wedding day. The staff at the group home [worked hard] to decorate the back yard and make this day so special for everyone, it really was lovely. Our families were gathered and seated and the pianist was playing and my dad was by my side.

        They opened the door for us to start down the aisle and there he sat..with his legs straight out and hospital socks sticking out from under a blanket. I froze. Told my dad I needed to go back in the house. Once we were out of earshot of everyone, I told my dad I couldn't do this, I'm so sorry. My dad simply smiled and said "Thank God." 

        He signaled for my kids to come to the side, loaded them and me up in his car and we drove off. We ended up moving a state away, closer to my family and thriving. The "groom" did end up in and out of several facilities and has never left the wheelchair.

        I realize fully that he was probably suffering from the type of physical, emotional and mental pain that I will never comprehend, but I knew that I could not raise my kids in that type of environment and my first commitment was to them. I went on to finish my own degree and my kids are now adults. No one has thrown urine at me since.

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          Dad Manned Up To Cancel Wedding


          Posted by u/StoolToad9:

          My dad was a runaway groom. Broke it off THREE DAYS before the wedding.

          Mid 1970s, so he was in his early 20s. His fiance (not my mom, obviously) and her mother pressured him into proposing, which he did with my grandmother's ring. He also felt society sort of demanded it; it was more common to marry at that age than it is today. Deep down he knew she simply wasn't the one, but figured maybe all men felt that way before a wedding so he ignored that and hoped his feelings would change.

          Months passed and the wedding was all planned out. When relatives and friends from out of town began flying in for the wedding and gifts were arriving, reality hit him hard and he - to quote Gob Bluth - realized he made a huge mistake.

          He sat my grandma and grandpa down and said, "Guys...I don't want to do this." They were proud of him for being honest and actually sort of thrilled: it turns out they hated her guts. But they told him he needed to immediately tell her face-to-face.

          And so my dad did. Like a scarred war veteran, he refuses to tell me details, but said it was the most gut-wrenching conversation/argument/hell he had ever experienced. But he ended it.

          Of course this was the 1970s. You can't just mass announce the wedding is canceled via a text or Facebook message (which a friend of mine did). My dad took the responsibility of calling every single invited guest to tell them the wedding was off. Even more, he personally returned gifts to the people who sent them.

          His fiance sold my grandmother's ring.

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