Running Communities and Social Networks, Best to Worst

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Online communities where runners can share information and connect with each other

These are the best running communities online, ranked best to worst by users like you. Top running, swimming and training social networks on the Web, including niche athletics social communities as well as those organized by language, nationality or specialty interest. This list contains social networks and online communities relating specifically to athletes, training advice, techniques and fitness.

Not only are these great social networks, but they are also just simply the best websites about running.

This list gathers together major players in the athletic social networking field. It is an open list, so if you have a favorite sports-themed social network that isn't featured, enter it below to make sure it's included on the list.

What are the best running communities online? What running communities have the best social networks? Make sure to vote for the top online running forums so other users will know what running communities offer the best benefits online.
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