TV The Best Running Jokes from '90s Sitcoms  

CE Hudspeth
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List Rules List includes running gags that appeared throughout multiple episodes of '90s sitcoms.

'90s TV presented a wonderful range of family sitcoms, many of which had some great running gags. In between an abundance of things seemingly every show had in common - like a pesky neighbor or a house with two sets of stairs (one in the living room, one in the kitchen) - there were some unique recurring jokes that were exclusive to each particular show. Sure, you could bank on the crowd applauding a guest star and cheesy piano music playing during dramatic scenes, but these gags delighted fans and made their shows distinctive. No matter how many times the jokes were made, regardless of if we always knew it was coming, they still managed to draw some type of pleasant recognition. The best of the best, no matter how familiar you became with them, were and still are funny.
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Wilson Never Shows the Bottom Half of His Face

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TV Series: Home Improvement

Tim Taylor was close to his neighbor Wilson, who served as Tim's confidant and often provided him with profound advice. But the show made a conscious effort to ensure that we could only see his eyes, and the lower half of his face was always blocked off, typically by the fence separating their yards.
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Uncle Phil Throwing Jazz Out the Front Door

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TV Series: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

When Will's friend Jazz came over, he rarely went longer than a few minutes without irritating Uncle Phil. Whether it was something he said, something he did, or just his general presence, he was thrown out on a regular basis, screaming "Ah!" as he hit the pavement.
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Eric’s “Feeny!” Call

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TV Series: Boy Meets World

Eric started off as the cool older brother, but somewhere along the way he becomes an immature, somewhat unintelligent character. In Season 4, he first creates the Feeny Call, which only gets goofier throughout the series, though it remained a highly anticipated, classic moment in each episode.
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They Killed Kenny!

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TV Series: South Park

Over and over again, in different manners from episode to episode, South Park's Kenny met his demise. After being killed, the phrases "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" "You bastards!" were uttered by Stan and Kyle. According to the series creators, the "You bastards" line is being said towards the writers for putting the death in the script.