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The Best Russell Crowe Movies

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List of the best Russell Crowe movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Russell Crowe's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. The order of these top Russell Crowe movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated Russell Crowe movies will be at the top of the list. Russell Crowe has been in a lot of films, so people often debate each other over what the greatest Russell Crowe movie of all time is. If you and a friend are arguing about this then use this list of the most entertaining Russell Crowe films to end the squabble once and for all.

If you think the best Russell Crowe role isn't at the top, then upvote it so it has the chance to become number one. The greatest Russell Crowe performances didn't necessarily come from the best movies, but in most cases they go hand in hand.

Russell Crowe's filmography ranges from Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind and more.

"This list answers the questions, "What are the best Russell Crowe movies?" and "What are the greatest Russell Crowe roles of all time?"


  • 1
    Gladiator is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies


    Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix


    Directed byRidley Scott

    Gladiator is a 2000 American-British epic historical drama film directed by Ridley Scott,... more on Wikipedia

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  • 2
    A Beautiful Mind is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    A Beautiful Mind

    Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe


    Directed byRon Howard

    A Beautiful Mind is a 2001 American biographical drama film based on the life of John Nash, a... more on Wikipedia

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  • 3
    L.A. Confidential is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    L.A. Confidential

    Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe


    Directed byCurtis Hanson

    L.A. Confidential is a 1997 neo-noir film based on James Ellroy's 1990 novel of the same... more on Wikipedia
  • 4
    Cinderella Man is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    Cinderella Man

    Russell Crowe, Renée Zellweger


    Directed byRon Howard

    Cinderella Man is a 2005 American drama film by Ron Howard, titled after the nickname of... more on Wikipedia

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  • 5
    Master and Commander: The Far  is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies


    Directed byPeter Weir

    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World is a 2003 epic historical drama film... more on Wikipedia
  • 6
    3:10 to Yuma is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    3:10 to Yuma

    Christian Bale, Russell Crowe


    Directed byJames Mangold

    3:10 to Yuma is a 2007 western film directed by James Mangold and produced by Cathy Konrad,... more on Wikipedia

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  • 7
    American Gangster is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    American Gangster

    Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe


    Directed byRidley Scott

    American Gangster is a 2007 American biographical crime film directed by Ridley Scott, based... more on Wikipedia

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  • 8
    The Insider is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    The Insider

    Al Pacino, Russell Crowe


    Directed byMichael Mann

    The Insider is a 1999 American drama film directed by Michael Mann, based on the true story of... more on Wikipedia

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  • 9
    Robin Hood is listed (or ranked) 9 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    Robin Hood

    Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe


    Directed byRidley Scott

    Robin Hood is a 2010 action film written by Brian Helgeland and directed by Ridley Scott.... more on Wikipedia

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  • 10
    The Next Three Days is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    The Next Three Days

    Olivia Wilde, Elizabeth Banks


    Directed byPaul Haggis

    The Next Three Days is a 2010 vigilante thriller film directed by Paul Haggis and starring... more on Wikipedia

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  • 11
    A Good Year is listed (or ranked) 11 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    A Good Year

    Russell Crowe, Marion Cotillard


    Directed byRidley Scott

    A Good Year is a 2006 British romantic comedy-drama film, set in London and Provence. Directed... more on Wikipedia
  • 12
    Mystery, Alaska is listed (or ranked) 12 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    Mystery, Alaska

    Russell Crowe, Mike Myers


    Directed byJay Roach

    Mystery, Alaska is a 1999 comedy-drama film directed by Jay Roach about an amateur ice hockey... more on Wikipedia
  • 13
    Proof of Life is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    Proof of Life

    Meg Ryan, Russell Crowe


    Directed byTaylor Hackford

    Proof of Life is a 2000 American action thriller film directed by Taylor Hackford. The title... more on Wikipedia

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  • 14
    Les Miserables is listed (or ranked) 14 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    Les Miserables

    Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried


    Directed byTom Hooper

    Les Misérables is a 2012 musical drama film directed by Tom Hooper, based on the 1862 French... more on Wikipedia

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  • 15
    State of Play is listed (or ranked) 15 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    State of Play

    Rachel McAdams, Ben Affleck


    Directed byKevin Macdonald

    State of Play is a 2009 political thriller film. It is an adaptation of the six-part British... more on Wikipedia

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  • 16
    The Quick and the Dead is listed (or ranked) 16 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    The Quick and the Dead

    Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone


    Directed bySam Raimi

    This film is a 1995 western film directed by Sam Raimi and starring Sharon Stone, Gene... more on Wikipedia

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  • 17
    Romper Stomper is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    Romper Stomper

    Russell Crowe, Jacqueline McKenzie


    Directed byGeoffrey Wright

    Romper Stomper is a 1992 Australian drama film written and directed by Geoffrey Wright. The... more on Wikipedia

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  • 18
    The Nice Guys is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    The Nice Guys

    Matt Bomer, Ryan Gosling


    Directed byShane Black

    The Nice Guys is a 2016 American neo-noir action comedy film directed by Shane Black. Set in... more on Wikipedia

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  • 19
    Man of Steel is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    Man of Steel

    Henry Cavill, Amy Adams


    Directed byZack Snyder

    Man of Steel is a 2013 superhero film directed by Zack Snyder, based on the DC Comics... more on Wikipedia

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  • 20
    The Water Diviner is listed (or ranked) 20 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    The Water Diviner

    Russell Crowe, Olga Kurylenko


    Directed byRussell Crowe

    The Water Diviner is a historical fictional drama film directed by Russell Crowe. The... more on Wikipedia
  • 21
    Body of Lies is listed (or ranked) 21 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    Body of Lies

    Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe


    Directed byRidley Scott

    Body of Lies is a 2008 American action-spy film directed by Ridley Scott. Set in the Middle... more on Wikipedia

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  • 22
    The Sum of Us is listed (or ranked) 22 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    The Sum of Us

    Russell Crowe, Rebekah Elmaloglou


    Directed byKevin Dowling, Geoff Burton

    The Sum of Us is a 1994 Australian comedy-drama film version of the play The Sum of Us.... more on Wikipedia
  • 23
    Boy Erased is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies

    Boy Erased

    Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman


    Directed byJoel Edgerton

    Boy Erased is a 2018 American coming-of-age drama film directed by Joel Edgerton, based on... more on Wikipedia
  • 24
    Proof is listed (or ranked) 24 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies


    Russell Crowe, Hugo Weaving


    Directed byJocelyn Moorhouse

    Proof is a 1991 Australian drama film by Jocelyn Moorhouse starring Hugo Weaving, Geneviève... more on Wikipedia
  • 25
    Virtuosity is listed (or ranked) 25 on the list The Best Russell Crowe Movies


    Kaley Cuoco, Denzel Washington


    Directed byBrett Leonard

    Virtuosity is a 1995 science fiction action film directed by Brett Leonard, written by Eric... more on Wikipedia

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