WATCH Never Forget That Time Russell Crowe Captured A Video Of A "UFO" And Uploaded It To YouTube  

Rebecca High

Who knows if Russell Crowe planned to capture anything other than fruit bats when he set up that camera in the garden back in 2013; the point is, he's now one of those theorists claiming they've seen UFOs.

After setting up a camera to record fruit bats in the botanical gardens outside his Sydney office, the Gladiator star reviewed the footage and discovered "vibrant lights moving across the sky."

AKA, he thinks he saw a UFO (or could it be several?). Crowe's not alone, however: according to National Geographic, 80 million Americans believe that UFOs are real and piloted by extra-terrestrials. One in 10 people surveyed also think they've actually seen a UFO.

Watch this video to reminisce about that time Russell Crowe became just another number in the statistics of otherworldly believers.