Graveyard Shift Daredevil Explorers Break Into One Of The World's Biggest Prisons And Record Their Adventure  

Rebecca High

Kresty-2 is a prison outside of St. Petersburg, Russia, that is still under construction. It will house 4,000 prisoners once completed. But the prison doesn't appear to be all that secure, as this video shows.

These Russian "urban explorers" broke into the Kresty-2 to prove their hypothesis that it wasn't secure, and managed to not only take this video but also avoid getting caught.

Kresty-2 isn't the only thing these urban adventurers have explored, though. Besides the prison, the group has also broken into abandoned mines, power plants, skyscrapers and government buildings. 

Hopefully once the prison's up and running, however, they'll take some extra precautions with their maximum security. Watch this video for an insider's view of what will soon be one of the largest prisons in the world — and its eerie accessibility.