People In Russia Talk About Dissenting With Their Government's Invasion Of Ukraine

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The news and images we get from war are always somber. On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then, the world has once again witnessed the escalating devastation of war, as the atrocities mount. It's hard to cut through the opinionated noise and propaganda and get to the people on the ground, to see them and hear their experiences - especially when those people are fighting for their homes and their lives.

Farther from the battle lines, the people of Russia are at least able to get their message out to tell the world how they feel about their government's actions.

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    Prices Are Going Crazy

    From Redditor u/cheeky_sailor:

    The prices for some things went 40-70% up. Apple Pay doesn’t work, Visa and Mastercard don’t work for online payments if you want to pay for something outside of Russia. We can’t buy dollars of euros in cash and even if you had a bank account in dollars in a Russian bank - you can’t withdraw more than 10k, the rest of the money will be only available in rubles. A lot of stores have already closed - but mostly clothes stores and car dealerships. There is still plenty of food, but it got more expensive now. Prices for beer and wine in bars went 40% up in the first week. Because people are panicking and buying important things in bulk it’s hard to buy life-saving medicine, feminine hygiene products and sugar. I saw tampons being sold for 1500 rubles for a pack of 16 (with the pre-war rate of ruble that’s basically 20 dollars). The normal price before the war the same pack was like 400 rubles.

    There is a constant presence of police in the city center of Moscow. Any street protests are forbidden, protesters get detained in like 1 minute. Even if you’re not protesting but simply wearing a green ribbon (the silent symbol of the protest) or Ukraine colors or symbolics - you get detained. The level of the censorship is crazy! Obviously the media hasn’t been really free for a while now but this is something entirely different now, because nowadays even using the word “war” is prohibited and gets media websites banned. It’s really "1984" all over again.

    Politically the society is very divided now. In the industry where I work people refuse to discuss the war because people who’ve been successfully working together for years started fighting with each other over their opinions about this war. Suddenly many of us realized that people we used to like are very unlikable now.

    Overall the future looks grim and scary.

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    Detainment Can Lead To Many Outcomes

    From Redditor u/No_Way_Nikki:

    I had 4 friends detained. No one was actually jailed, but consequences varied in severity - from being released almost instantly to spending 13 hours in the cell, with awful treatment from police like not allowing people to sleep. They had courts and were assigned fines. That's among people I know personally.

    Things are worse in Belarus, btw. There people are getting short-term (like 2 weeks) jail time. For peaceful protest, nothing radical.

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    'People... Don't Understand The Full Scale Of Madness That Is Our Ruling Elite'

    From Redditor u/No_Way_Nikki:

    On personal level - it's scary. Scary in many ways. I fear for friends in Ukraine, friends that were detained by police here in Russia. I fear for my own future. And for the world. Non-Russian-speaking people are happy people - cause they probably don't understand the full scale of madness that is our ruling elite. Seriously, each time someone of our officials opens their mouth you think that they are certified crazies. And those crazies have nukes and other scary toys.

    On economical level - well, not good, not terrible as of now. Prices are rising, basic goods like milk are now 10%-20% more expensive. Electronics prices jumped significantly. Many shops closed, many people lost their jobs. Right now it doesn't feel like apocalypse, but it's surely getting worse.

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    Daily Life Is 'Weird'

    From Redditor u/berzini:

    Weird and a bit apocalyptic.

    At least half of population support the madness (but therefore a lot of people don't). I don't have a good explanation on this phenomenon except that it's a mixture of propaganda and a psychological block in their brains to accept that we are insane villains and orks right now - that would imply they were in the wrong (and bad in a way) for many years and their brains and conscience just can't take it. So they are using every incredible and dumb excuse to explain wtf we have forgotten in the Ukraine. And are convincing themselves those are valid reasons.

    Opposition and independent media completely destroyed.

    Life is (yet) more or less the same, but prices are rising, people are starting to lose jobs. Despite that many don't fully realize the scale of economic catastrophe we are headed for within next 18-24 months.

    The war has clearly gone against the plan (was there really a plan though?) - even the "supporters" are starting to acknowledge that.

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    They Are Wondering What's Next?

    From Redditor u/Lyelinn:

    Constantly questioning myself what will happen tomorrow. Will the borders close? Will banks nationalize my money? Will internet be closed from the outside or the inside? What big brand will quit next? What opposition member will be put in jail next?

    It sounds like a bad joke but in the past few days, Facebook and YouTube were claimed to be extremist organizations, for example.

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    Neighbors Are Turning On Each Other

    From Redditor u/CombinationJealous79:

    I escaped the country and only get information from my relatives now. Two relatives lost jobs, some vital medicines (insulin, thyroid medicines) are out of stock, female personal hygiene products raised in price by 4-5 times and often are out of stock (“just walk more on fresh air and then you won’t need tampons and pads” as said some idiotic Byelorussian deputy). And overall it’s slowly getting worse.

    But what INFURIATES me the most is that Putin supporters now feel free to openly bully and report to police on anti-war people. Our neighbor, a small local deputy kept making anti-war posts. He did really a lot for our small district, without salary, over the years. Some neighbors reported on him and police came to him. I’m a participant of a neighborhood group chat in a messenger and I was horrified to see that the only feedback about this news was hate speech towards him, a person who helped these exact people a lot. Out of 350 PARTICIPANTS of the chat, ONLY 2 PEOPLE including me showed sympathy towards the guy- the rest were either wishing him to die or kept silence. The most “peaceful” ppl were complaining that this discussion was irrelevant to the neighborhood topics and straight up asked us to stop discussing it. And it’s an expensive neighborhood and all these are well educated people, with good jobs, they travelled around the world, etc. - they aren’t low-educated mass from a village that has no critical thinking.

    I’m speechless and I don’t see any chance for improvement. The brainwashed ones feel the power and the anti-war ones are too scared. Welcome back to 1939.