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11 Ways Ryan Gosling Is Secretly More Of An Offbeat Hero Than You Realized

Ryan Gosling often plays hunky heroes in movies. But in reality, he’s one of the dorkiest heartthrobs ever to grace the silver screen. As a child, he juggled homeschool studies with his Hammer pants dancing duties - two things that make it hard to believe he grew up to play a scorpion-jacket-wearing getaway driver. These offbeat Ryan Gosling facts show you don’t need hobbies and pastimes that are considered “cool” to be cool.

Who is Ryan Gosling? The Canadian hunk is one of the few celebrities who hasn’t put himself out there when it comes to his private life. But Gosling has been forthcoming about his unconventional early life in a few interviews. He's so much more than your run-of-the-mill A-list actor.

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    He Was In An Elvis Presley Tribute Band

    While chatting with Steve Carell for Interview Magazine in 2010, Gosling revealed he was part of an Elvis Presley tribute band at the tender age of 8. The group, fronted by his uncle Perry, was called Elvis Perry.

    The future actor performed in the wedding band, though it wasn't in a traditional fashion. Gosling explained:

    I was head of security, so I had to wear a big gold lamé jacket that said "Elvis Perry Security" on it. My uncle would take scarves off from around his neck and hand them to ladies in the audience, so part of my job was to hand him new scarves, and then also to make sure that the ladies didn’t get too hands-y.

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    He's Almost Been In Two Major Comic Book Movies

    Even though infinite superhero roles exist, Gosling has never been able to break into the MCU or DCEU - but that doesn't mean he hasn't been considered. According to The Hollywood Reporter, when Zack Snyder was prepping for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, he reached out to Gosling to appear as the Dark Knight, but that Gosling balked at the number of sequels. 

    Around the same time, Gosling was being considered for the role of Doctor Strange. The MCU was so close to reaching out to him that they even worked his face into some concept art as the Sorcerer Supreme. Artist Court Chu posted the images on his blog.

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    He Feels Protective Of His Mother

    In a 2015 interview with The Daily Telegraph, Gosling discussed how hard it was to watch his mother date when he was in his early teens. The actor felt very protective of his mother, who he described as "very beautiful." He said:

    As a young man, all men felt like wolves, and there was a very threatening, predatory tone to the world in general, not just to specific people. It felt like life could become a nightmare at any second.

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    He Loves His Canadian Upbringing

    While being interviewed by Steve Carell for Interview magazine in 2010, Gosling revealed himself to be a proud Canadian: 

    I loved growing up in Canada. It’s a great place to grow up, because - well, at least where I grew up - it’s very multicultural. There’s also good health care and a good education system.