Fans Share Things About Ryan Reynolds Movies That We Never Thought About Before

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Ryan Reynolds is one of those rare actors that are universally beloved. His movies range from feel-good romcoms to over-the-top action flicks for the entire family to enjoy. While the internet can be a scary black hole,  it can also be a safe space to share your love and favorite things about Ryan Reynolds movies. Here are some of the best posts shared by fans about his movies we never thought about before. 

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    Walker Scobell Memorized The Entirety Of ‘Deadpool 2’


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    The Best Duo In The Game

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    Greatest Casting Choice Of The Century

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    Ryan Reynolds Showed Up Ready For ‘Blade Trinity’

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    Biggest Plot Twist From ‘Detective Pikachu’

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    The Perfect Casting Doesn’t Exi…

    The Perfect Casting Doesn’t Exi…
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