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Ryan Reynolds Is Playing Detective Pikachu, Becase This World Is A Carnival Of Madness

Updated December 12, 2017 2.5k views10 items

2017 seems steadfastly determined to be remembered as the most outlandish year in the history of mankind. To add to the pyre, Legendary Pictures announced Detective Pikachu, a live-action film starring the world's most famous Pokémon, with Ryan Reynolds providing the voice for Pikachu.

Yes you heard correctly: Ryan Reynolds will voice Pikachu in the upcoming Pokémon movie. In a world where studios make movies based on characters from your iPhone, the decision to animate a Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds actually sounds par for the course.

Before Reynolds became the voice of Pikachu, the Internet went wild with speculation over who might be in the running to voice Ash Ketchum's classic companion. Will the film take off like a Ho-oh into the sunset, or will it flop like a Magikarp? 

  • The Film Stems From The Japanese Game Of The Same Title

    The Film Stems From The Japanese Game Of The Same Title
    Photo: Nintendo

    Though it sounds like another joke 2017 decided to insert into the news cycle, Detective Pikachu actually started as a Japan-exclusive videogame. The storyline follows the sparky Sherlock and his companion, Tim Goodman, a kid in search of his father.

    In this world, Pikachu and Goodman both understand one another, though Goodman cannot communicate with other Pokemon. Furthermore, Pikachu makes a great detective, but is also an inept Pocket Monster who cannot battle to save its life. Since it's such a simplistic game, people are wondering exactly how Detective Pikachu will translate into film. 

  • Reynolds Will Voice Pikachu

    Reynolds Will Voice Pikachu
    Photo: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

    Because chaos is the only constant, Ryan Reynolds, AKA Deadpool, will voice the titular character in Detective Pikachu. While no clear explanation exists regarding this casting decision, one might infer Reynolds's work as Deadpool – where his performance relied mostly on his voice work – made him an ideal candidate. Or maybe Hollywood bigwigs just want to move tickets during a time of declining sales. Only time will tell if this decision turns out to be super effective.

  • The Role Will Be Motion-Captured

    The Role Will Be Motion-Captured
    Photo: Nintendo

    Apparently, the role will be motion-captured, meaning Reynolds, who is 6'2" will provide the movements for a 1'4" electric Pokémon. Why Legendary Pictures decided to take this route is not exactly clear, but it will certainly be interesting to follow. Don't expect an Oscar nom a la Andy Serkis's Gollum performance, though.

  • This Casting Decision Warrants Easter Eggs Like This

    A random treat for an already random movie.