Sex TMI Facts About Ryan Seacrest's Sex Life  

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Ryan Seacrest is a busy guy. When he’s not on the radio or hosting American Idol, he’s executive producing Keeping Up with the Kardashians or working out. Somehow, in all of that madness, he manages to fit supermodels, beauty pageant winners, and even reality show dancers into his life. This list is full of Ryan Seacrest sex life facts that he would probably rather keep under wraps. From his Valentine's Day plans to his sexts with TMZ, this list rounds up all the TMI love life information about Ryan Seacrest that you didn’t even know you were curious about.

His mom hopes she could build a Ryan Seacrest girlfriend from scratch. And she may need to, since even Ellen Degeneres doesn't hold out much hope for his romantic future. The guy is just too busy. Because he's so private, Ryan Seacrest NSFW tidbits can be hard to come by, but there are plenty here. So if you want to know whether or not Ryan Seacrest married a model or if he sees a baby in his future, keep reading this list of wild sex facts about Ryan Seacrest.
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Julianne Hough Thought He Was Gay Before They Hooked Up

According to Hough, Seacrest had been romantically pursuing her for years before they dated, but she never got together with him because she thought he played for the other team. "He totally wasn't my type," she said about Seacrest. "I thought he was gay."
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Everyone Has an Opinion About His Sexuality

Depending on who you ask, Ryan Seacrest runs the spectrum from gay to straight, and everything in between. The host and producer has never commented publicly on his sexuality, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have fun baiting everyone
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Dating Was Tough Before He Was Famous

In an interview with Your Tango, Seacrest admitted that it wasn't so easy to meet women before he was all over television. "[Meeting women] was much harder. I had time then, I don't have as much time now. At least [women] know that you're not a crazy person 'cause they've seen you on a television show — but it doesn't always do much more than that."
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Even Ellen Doesn't Harbor Hope for His Dating Life

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During an appearance on Ellen, the affable host poked fun at Seacrest's love life, telling him that she didn't think he could handle a dog, let alone keep a grown woman around for an extended period of time. Burn. 
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