Inside The Sabretooth Clan, The World's Largest Social Network Of Vampire Lifestylers

There are people who believe they are vampires - and not just in a trendy, pop culture way, either. These modern day vampires have fangs, dress up in clothes of a different era, and celebrate what they believe to be the philosophies of vampires. The largest collection of these vampires can be found in the members of the Sabretooth Clan.

Based in Los Angeles, the Sabretooth Clan is a group of like-minded individuals that all have custom fangs made by the founder of their group, Father Sebastiaan. Members of the Sabretooth Clan live among us, some only letting their fang flag fly at choice events while others are easier to spot. The Sabretooth Clan lifestyle may not be for everyone, but if you are interested, they are always looking for fresh blood. 


  • Members Don't Drink Blood Or Commit Crimes

    Some modern vampires do drink blood. They get their blood from Black Swans, people who appreciate vampire culture but do not themselves identify as a vampire. The Sabretooth Clan do not partake in blood sipping like fellow vampires. Instead, Sabretooth Clan members prefer to pop in custom fangs, sport colored contacts, wear clothes from another era, and live as children of the night

    During the day, the Clan members are just like any other person you would see walking down the street. The work in offices, have kids, and lead relatively normal lives. 

  • They Have Guardian Spirits Who Act As Their Saints

    The Clan has a group of spirits they believe watch over them. One spirit, Fred Samedi the Host, is the icon for the Clan's Endless Night Vampire Ball and similar to the Voodoo spirit of Baron Samedi. When Clan members come to the Ball, they bring gifts to Fred Samedi as offerings.

    Kitra the witch is described by group founder Father Sebastiaan as "the Sorceress and Vampyre Witch" as well as "forceful and emotionally intense".  Elorath the Dragon can be called upon in rituals for power and Mradu the knight is seen as a protector.

  • They Adhere To Vampire Philosophy And Call Themselves "Lifestylers"

    According to Father Sebastiaan, members of the Sabretooth Clan are vampyres or "lifestylers." This type of contemporary vampire can adhere to their chosen way of life part-time, choosing when and where they put in their fangs and dress up. 

    Lifestylers make up the vast majority of modern vampire culture. Vampyres do not partake in any type of roleplaying style of game. Instead, they adhere to a vampire philosophy connected to the familiar tropes of vampirism (minus the whole blood-drinking thing, of course).

  • They Share A Collective Energy Called 'The Current'

    According to the Sabretooth Clan forums, the Current is the spirit and "blood" of the Clan. The Current is derived from a collective energy comprised of members' interactions with each other, personal accomplishments, rites, and events. 

    The Current strengthens whenever a new member goes through the Rites of Transformation. The initiate's feelings of excitement and passion are drawn from them and shared into the spiritual energy of the collective. 

  • Rites Of Transformation Must Be Undertaken To Join The Clan

    Rites Of Transformation Must Be Undertaken To Join The Clan
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    In order to be considered for an official invite into the Clan, prospective members must perform the Rites of Transformation. These involve having Father Sebastiaan make fangs for the applicant before they promise things like "I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH MY FANGS ON! BY THE POWER OF SEBASTIAAN!" while affecting a poor Southern accent. 

    The second rite is looking at oneself in the mirror with fangs in place. The third is the Naming and the fourth is the Ankh. After that, some will receive invitations to join the Clan.

  • Their Founder, Father Sebastiaan, Makes Fangs For A Living

    Father Sebastiaan was interested in vampires from a young age. According to The Cut, he asked his orthodontist grandfather for a pair of fangs, which he was denied. In 1994, Sebastiaan began making his own fangs, prosthetics that are temporarily attached to the wearer's teeth with adhesive. 

    The members of the Sabretooth clan are his personal clients, and his first client was his own mother. Fangs cost from $150 - $299 and are custom-made in a 30-45 minute in-person appointment. Sebastiaan says he's made thousands of fangs since he started.