Weird Nature Weird Animal Facts That Will Make You Sad  

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You know how sometimes we tend to assume that most animals live the good life and spend all day hanging out in nature, mating at random, and laying around eating in the sun? Well, if you’ve ever been jealous of the furry, the feathered, or the many-legged, you might think again after getting a load of some of these sad animal facts from Here we’ve gathered a collection of both weird animal facts and cool facts about animals that will make you realize that life isn't always roses, no matter what your species you come from.

Despite the impression you might get from the multitude of adorable memes of cats and dogs that regularly flood the Internet, in some regards our animal pals kinda got the short end of the stick. Here you’ll learn random animal facts that will make your last pregnancy, set of braces, or abandonment issues look like child’s play. You’ll learn what sea creature is really the most heartless in the ocean and find out what breed of pooch was used as a nanny dog for centuries before being stereotyped by Hollywood.

So the next time you wish you could redecorate your house, take a look at what the average dwarf lemur is dealing with. Wish you weren’t so dependent on your significant other? We’ve got lady ferrets with a tale that’ll make you cry. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed with your own plight or are just out to learn some interesting animal facts, it's time to meet a group of creatures whose sad facts about animals will put things in perspective.


Before Being Stereotyped, Pit Bulls Were Nanny Dogs

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Photo: jimco//East Texas Hog Doggers

As a breed, pitbulls are super intelligent, protective, and love pleasing their owners. Unfortunately recent stereotyping has led to a great deal of fear surrounding the breed who, with proper care and training, can be among the most loving and gentle dogs around.


Mother Opossums Carry Their Babies On Their Backs

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Baby opossums spent roughly the first three months of their lives in their mother's pouch, where they nurse until they are old enough to crawl out. Still not quite ready to face the world alone however, they usually spend the next two weeks or so riding around clinging to their mom's fur. Once big enough, the young ones start to fall off one-by-one as they become mature enough to face the world. 


Birds Need Gravity to Swallow; They Wouldn't Be Able to Eat in Space

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Photo: Tambako The Jaguar/Flickr

Though NASA originally thought taking birds into space would be a great idea, because they are so low maintenance, the plan went horribly wrong when they realized birds couldn't swallow without gravity. As it turns out, the throats of most birds are just gravity chutes which is why they tilt their heads back to swallow.


It's Grief, Not the Full Moon, That Causes Wolves to Howl

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Photo: sisterofthewolves/

Though wolves occasionally howl to ward other wolves away from their territory, scientists have uncovered that some howls have a softer side. Studies revealed that wolves howl to locate missing members of their pack and that the closer a relationship the howler has to the missing pack member, the more they howled for them.