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We all love to hear celebrity anecdotes—they make us feel like we really know our Hollywood idols. Celebrity stories can go one of two ways, though: They can bolster our love or they can crush our dreams. A recent Reddit thread asked users to spill their saddest celebrity encounters. From mean celebrities (Gene Simmons is NOT a nice guy) to just plain sad celebrities (drunken Carrot Top isn't funny anymore), here are the saddest celebrity encounters of all time—that really happened!

Once you've cringed at the stories on this list, be sure to read all about the celebrities who were jerks even before they had fame in their corner.

Betty White is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Saddest (Real) Celebrity Encounters
Photo: Betty White/Instagram

Betty White is all of us in this moment from joeb7474: "I was at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles and saw a poster promoting Betty White signing her latest book about how much she loves animals. I liked the Golden Girls so I thought I would swing by the bookstore to take a gander at Betty White. It was so sad. I'll always remember she was sitting alone at a big table with a stack of books in front of her. People were in the bookstore shopping but no one was buying her book or really acknowledging her. She just sat there, pen in hand, waiting. She would occasionally wipe off some imaginary dust to look busy."

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Photo: Steve-O/Instagram
Willie1707 went to see Steve-O do stand up and said, "After his show, he said he would meet everybody there. We waited in line, and he was being super nice, laughing and taking pictures with everyone. Right before we got to the stage some fat, redneck a**hole told him that he was funnier back when he was on drugs. It killed his whole vibe. When we got to him he just took a picture with us and said thanks for coming, but he was clearly in a bad mood." see more on Steve-O

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GretSeat got a chance to meet his hero, Muhammad Ali, at a restaurant in Florida and asked for his autograph. "He took at least (no joke) 2 full minutes to sign his name. And it was at that point that it killed me. This was Cassius Clay. Muhammad Ali. The most charismatic, float like a butterfly sting like a bee, man in boxing history. And he was such a shell of his former self because of the Parkinson's. It was so heartbreaking. It really was."

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Photo: Sam Javanrouh/flickr/CC BY-NC 2.0
When Lets_Get-Weird ran into Michael Cera on the subway, the encounter was Cera's signature brand of awkward. "We had an eye conversation. No words exchanged, but he was terrified I was going to speak up or ask for an autograph. He kept nervously looking back over his shoulder at me. When he got to his stop he paused and nodded at me in thanks."

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