16 Gut-Punch Death Scenes That Happen Right In The Middle Of The Movie

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Audiences often anticipate death scenes that occur in the final scenes of a film and are rarely attached enough to be affected by a character’s demise early in the story. However, when a character dies right in the middle of the movie, it can have a greater impact because the audience is unprepared. A death occurring at the end of the film often provides resolution, while mid-movie deaths typically serve a different purpose. Not only are these mid-film death scenes effectively an emotional gut punch, but they are also often a driving force to move the narrative forward. 

Death scenes in the middle of the movie often serve as a turning point in the story, impacting the direction of the remainder of the movie. Sometimes the protagonist perishes, and the narrative must shift focus to others following their passing. Other times it is merely a supporting character who dies, but the event inspires or motivates actions significant to the second half of the story. Either way, the death of these characters leaves a lasting impression.