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15 Ways Jeb Bush's Life Is A Comically Embarrassing Human Tragedy

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Perhaps one of the most memorable aspects of Jeb Bush's 2016 presidential campaign was just how unmemorable it was. His bid for the presidency was marked by self-deprecating comments, bullying tweets from Donald Trump, a less-than-supportive family, and a sad plea for his supporters to, please, just clap for him. After he didn't win any state Republican caucuses, a disappointed Jeb dropped out of the race.

Although he came from one of the American presidency's legacy families, the 2016 campaign was just the tip of the embarrassment iceberg for Jeb Bush, who's had to deal with his fair share of private family embarrassments as well; by his own father's admission, Jeb typically came second to his older brother and former US President, George W. Bush. His mother also publicly declared she hoped he wouldn't become president. Jeb has since become the butt of many online jokes, memes, and even has his own card in Cards Against Humanity, which simply reads: "Jeb!"

  • Jeb's Supporters Were So Unenthusiastic, He Had To Ask Them To "Please Clap" After A Speech

    The most notorious sad Jeb moment came in February 2016 when he spoke in Vermont. He gave what he seemed to think was a rousing speech about protecting America, which ended with "I won’t be out here blow-harding, talking a big game without backing it up." The assertion was met with total silence. Jeb implored the audience, "Please clap." His tone of voice sounded completely defeated as he asked for the crowd's reassurance. The audience laughed uncomfortably before they finally complied with Bush's wishes and applauded him.

  • Barbara Told Jeb He Wasn't Her Favorite Child

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    In a campaign video, which shows Barbara Bush and Jeb talking behind the scenes, Jeb's mom blatantly tells him he's not her favorite child. In the exchange, Jeb says "The best news of the day was that my mom finally said I was her favorite." Barbara responds, "Oh no I didn't. You mean of all of the children?" "Yeah," Bush says. "No," Barbara shoots back.

  • One Of The Most Googled Questions During The 2016 Election Was, "Is Jeb Bush Still Running?"

    Jeb's 2016 campaign was so unassuming and uneventful, many people couldn't even remember whether or not he was still in the race. On November 10, 2015, Google tweeted that the most-searched phrase related to Jeb Bush was, "Is Jeb Bush still running for president?" Along with other gems like, "Is Jeb Bush Republican?" and "Where is Jeb Bush today?," it became evident that Jeb was in for a long campaign of reminding his constituents that he was a force to be reckoned with—or at least a force to be remembered.

  • His Own Mother Publicly Said That He Shouldn't Run For President

    In yet another sad signifier of Jeb Bush's relationship to his parents, Barbara Bush displayed little enthusiasm for her son's campaign. In a 2014 interview with C-SPAN, Barbara Bush said that her son was very qualified to run for president, but that she hoped he wouldn't. She justified her statement by saying that other families besides the Kennedys, Clintons, and Bushes should be in office, but it must've been a blow for Jeb regardless. Mrs. Bush's assertion that the country "has had too many Bushes" just as her son announced his bid for the presidency began his campaign on a less-than-hopeful note.