Graveyard Shift Edgar Allan Poe's Life Was Sadder And More Tragic Than Anything He Ever Wrote  

Mick Jacobs

Yet the somber details of Poe's tragic life almost sound too unfortunate to be truly believed. But they happened, and inadvertently gave the world one of its finest horror writers ever.

From a young, young age, death surrounded Poe, and continued to follow him up until his own untimely demise. Any attempt he ever made at marriage always fell apart because of death's constant shadow covering nearly every aspect of his life.

In addition to the perpetual miasma of death, Poe also found himself at the mercy of the even-then unforgiving literary world. Though successful in terms of popularity, his writings never brought Poe any financial success.

This, coupled with his rampant alcoholism, made for quite a forsaken fellow. After 40 years of awful fortunes, Poe died an equally sad death, found delirious in the streets of Baltimore before succumbing to a mystery ailment only four days later.