Weird History

These Conjoined Twins Probably Lived The Most Tragic Lives In Modern History  

Samantha Dillinger

To be born with a physical or mental abnormality in the early 20th century basically guaranteed you a life of misery and exploitation. Two conjoined twin sisters, the Hiltons, lived one such unfortunate existence, as detailed in the video below.

Sisters Daisy and Violet arrived to this world attached at the hip in 1908, a fact that dictated their trajectory for the rest of their days. Considered cursed or freakish by their own family members, the sisters never enjoyed a normal childhood.

Their "guardians" forced the sisters to take part in vaudeville acts and present their condition for the world to gawk at. Even when they managed to free themselves from their guardians, the Hiltons continued to live a life marked more by tragedy than happiness.

Throughout their lives, the Hilton sisters continued to face all sorts of struggles and challenges the world never stopped hurling at them. Watch the video below to understand just how much these two women struggled through and how they still managed to make an impact on history.