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The Saddest Manga That Will Make You Cry

Updated July 31, 2020 14.4k votes 4.2k voters 96.2k views53 items
The spot of the saddest manga of all time is hotly contested, mostly be sadness is so subjective and different from person to person. That being said, what manga made you sad from reading it? Many of these are manga with sad endings, like Sundome and All You Need is Kill. Other candidates on this diverse list include the edgy Nana, and the ultra-violent Shingeki no Kyojin, representing the broad spread in style among the contenders of these sad manga titles. Which story made you cry the hardest?
Pick your favorites to determine which series will stand atop this poll of the saddest manga. If you think there’s a series that has been overlooked, you can add it to the list. Please refrain from voting for or against any tearjerker manga titles you haven’t actually read.