The Saddest Breakup Songs Ever Written

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If you’ve recently ended a relationship, you know sad songs about breakups can be downright therapeutic. Just knowing that someone out there wrote the lyrics that speak to your soul makes you feel a little less  lonely. If you're in need for some soulfully cathartic music and lyrics, the playlist below has you covered. Some of the most devastating breakup ditties are compiled here! 

Certain artists have an uncanny ability to tap directly into our emotions. Adele is famous for as much as many of her songs (especially those on her album 21) constitute the saddest songs about breaking up of all time. Other songs, like "I Will Always Love You," have been covered by a litany of artists across time because of their sheer ability to encapsulate heartbreak. While sitting around listening to depressing music may not seem productive, there is a time and place to wallow. If you've just undergone a rough breakup, browse this list for music recommendations that will help you process your feelings and get over it. And, feel free to add anything you think is missing. 

Most divisive: Goodbye My Lover
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