The Saddest Songs About the Passage of Time

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Sad songs about the passage of time are very common given we all live with the knowledge all things come with an expiration date. Songwriters tend to craft lyrics about their mental state, and most people suffer the occasional existential crisis about life going by too fast. Sad songs about time show the painful side of nostalgia. Reflecting on your memories can remind you of the moments, eras, and loved ones you can never have back. The below playlist of depressing songs about time can help you gain comfort via solidarity. 

The saddest songs about time are often narratives. Billy Joel sings of a young couple whose marriage deteriorates as they age in "Scenes From An Italian Resturuant." "Cats in the Cradle" is told from the perspective of a father who missed his son's youth. Other songs simply lament time gone by in a general sense, such as "Dust in the Wind" or "Landslide." These and other songs are listed below if you're in need of a good cry! And feel free to add any sad songs about the passing of time that are missing. 

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