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The Saddest Songs About Wanting Someone

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The saddest songs about wanting someone perfectly capture a wide range of emotions and examine the varied reasons love can hurt. While longing and lust can be exciting emotions worthy of celebration, this is not the case with these songs. Whether you're longing for a love far away, lamenting a doomed relationship, or crazy about someone who does not love you back, the playlist below is great if you need to wallow. 

Desire is multifaceted and the reasons for wanting someone can be complicated. These sad songs examine why and how heartbreak hurtsCircumstances break up loving, happy couples. Someone falls for someone who does not love them back. An individual's beloved is far away, and when and if they'll meet again is unclear. 

These are without a doubt some of the most depressing songs about desiring someone ever recorded, and they’re rich with lyrics that will stay with you long after the songs are over. Browse the list below, and feel free to add anything you think is missing!