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The Most Depressing Squidward Moments

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If you have ever watched an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, you know that Squidward is a complete downer. Some of the show's most depressing moments come at the expense of poor Squidward Tentacles, and hardly anything seems to go his way.

This list brings you some of the most depressing Squidward moments and scenes ever. Vote up the sad Squidward moments that you think are most depressing - who knows maybe it will make him less depressed!
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    Squidward gets rejected from the marching band.

    Photo: Nickelodeon
    Squidward, the only person who is really seen attempting music of any kind in Bikini Bottom, was rejected from the marching band that SpongeBob started. Here he is after his disastrous attempt, pinned to a wall, feeling miserable.
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    When he moved to a whole neighborhood of Squidwards... and hated it.

    Photo: Nickelodeon
    In an effort to get away from SpongeBob and Patrick's craziness, Squidward moved into a neighborhood of people just like him: sarcastic, arts-minded misanthropes. Turns out, he couldn't stand those people either, so it looks like he's doomed to never be happy no matter where he lives.
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    That time he rode a bike off a cliff.

    Photo: Nickelodeon
    Trying to stay fit and active is an important part of Squidward's life. But in one episode, he goes for a bike ride, accidentally gets his tentacles wrapped up in the pedals (ouch) and rides his bike off a cliff, only to hit every bump on the way down. When he hits the bottom, his body explodes (double ouch).
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    Pie bomb Squidward.

    Photo: Nickelodeon
    In this episode, Squidward buys a pie from pirates to give to SpongeBob, except it's not a pie at all — it's a bomb. He spends the entire episode trying to save SpongeBob from exploding, only to realize that he hasn't eaten the pie yet. SpongeBob then trips while carrying it and the pie bomb explodes in Squidward's face. Figures.
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