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16 Famous Anime Last Words That Will Make You Cry Like A Baby  

Crystal Brackett
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Prepare to have your feelings ripped out and thrown into a shredder, because these famous last anime words will make you cry like a total baby. If you're ready to reflect on the saddest, best last words in anime, do yourself a favor and have some tissues handy. 

Also, MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD. Because, well, it's about the cool yet depressing things anime characters have said before going away forever. By definition, it's going to cover the demise of your favorite heroes. 

These demises are the results of everything from tragic illnesses to epic space battles to sacrifices for the human race. Whatever the inciting incident, however, these scenes are bound to slap your feelings around without remorse. Get ready for some crazy anime tears and try not to blow one of those gross snot bubbles. 

Maes Hughes From 'Fullmetal Alchemist'
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Last Words: "Hey, hey, cut me some slack. I've got a wife and kid at home."

Indeed he does. The kind, caring, cheery Maes Hughes is one person who definitely does not deserve to go. Worst of all, you know he's never going back to see his family, and soon, that same family will have to bury him.

The fact that he doesn't even harm Envy (who is disguised as his wife at the time) on his way out just throws salt onto the wound.

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Last Words: "Bang."

That's all he has to say. Throughout the entire Cowboy Bebop series, you grow to know and love Spike Spiegel. Then, during the very last episode, you watch him finally conclude everything to the point where you think he's going to make it out of this last epic fight.

He holds up his fingers like a gun in an ostensible gesture of triumph. Our quirky bounty hunter did it! He can finally move on with his life. Then you look at him and see how seriously injured up he is and... "Bang." Instead of walking away from the scene in glory, he collapses and fades away. It's like the show just shot a big hole in your heart where Spike used to be.

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Menma From 'Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day'
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Last Words: "You found me."

After the entire tragic story behind Anohana, Menma finally has to say goodbye to the gang again, but this time, she has to do it properly. Menma is a ghost, and it's a struggle for everyone who watched her die the first time to see her again. 

Ultimately, she is able to leave the physical world, but not without saying her final words to her friends and leaving everyone, including the viewer, to crumble into a pile of emotional dust.

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Ushio Okazaki From 'Clannad: After Story'
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Last Words: "Daddy? I love you."

In an anime about demise, both the audience and Tomoya are forced to go through an insane amount of tragedy and heartbreak. But the passing of Tomoya's child in Clannad: After Story is enough to break down even the toughest anime fan.

Although cliche, her final words before her body goes limp and passes away takes your heart and throws it into a garbage disposal. Oh, and the fact that Tomoya calls for the help of his dead wife while his daughter perishes in his arms doesn't help either.

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