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16 Famous Anime Last Words That Will Make You Cry Like A Baby

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Prepare to have your feelings ripped out and thrown into a shredder, because these famous last anime words will make you cry like a total baby. If you're ready to reflect on the saddest, best last words in anime, do yourself a favor and have some tissues handy. 

Also, MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD. Because, well, it's about the cool yet depressing things anime characters have said before going away forever. By definition, it's going to cover the demise of your favorite heroes. 

These demises are the results of everything from tragic illnesses to epic space battles to sacrifices for the human race. Whatever the inciting incident, however, these scenes are bound to slap your feelings around without remorse. Get ready for some crazy anime tears and try not to blow one of those gross snot bubbles. 

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