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21 Horrible Things That Happened To Anime Moms That Prove They're Cursed

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Being a mom isn't easy - but when you're a mom in an anime, it's a whole lot harder. That's because it's super common for anime characters to have backstories that involve something terrible happening to their mother.

Sometimes, the worst things that have happened to anime moms involve a particularly tragic or gruesome demise - that's what happens to Carla Jaeger in Attack on Titan when man-eating Titans invade her hometown. Sometimes it's abuse at the hands of their husband - Rei Todoroki's suffering in My Hero Academia was entirely caused by her husband Enji. Sometimes it's something horrible happening to her child: when Izumi Curtis' baby is stillborn in Fullmetal Alchemist, she tries to bring it back through alchemy, but fails with horrific consequences. 

Which of these are among the saddest anime mom stories? That's up to you - vote up the ones that really make your heart hurt. 

  • When Kushina gives birth to her son Naruto, the Nine-Tailed Fox is ripped from her body, and it goes on a rampage destroying her hometown. In order to save her town and give her child a chance to survive, she and Minato sacrifice their own lives to seal the fox inside of their newborn son.

    At least she doesn't know that the culprit is her husbands' former student - that would have added the sting of betrayal to an already agonizing situation. 

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  • Sora's husband Judge forced her to undergo surgery that would genetically alter the children she carried so that they would be violent and devoid of empathy. While she was pregnant she tried her best to counteract the effects of the surgery but was only able to do so for Sanji. She loved all of her children, but three out of the five ended up with personalities that were nothing like she'd hoped for them, and any attempts at helping them discover real emotions were thwarted by her husband. Worse, the medication she took to counteract the surgery destroyed her health and eventually took her life.

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    In the first episode of Attack On Titan, Carla Jaeger is eaten by a titan as her children look on in horror. She at least had the comfort of seeing her kids be carried to safety, but that likely didn't make it any less painful or terrifying. If she knew that the Titan in question was actually her husband's first wife, that probably made things infinitely worse. 

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    Kie Kamado - 'Demon Slayer'

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    After losing her husband to an illness, Kie Kamado has to care for her children despite poverty and strife. But that struggle comes to a violent end when a demon attacks her family, ending her life and leaving only two of her children alive. 

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