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Few things are as difficult as missing someone you love, heartache, or death. Whether they have passed away, have moved on, or are just not near you, these can be difficult things to deal with. Often these are topics that the saddest of country songs deal with. The best of these songs on this list are the best.

These saddest country songs provide kind of emotional connection that musicians hope people discover in their music. They are heartbreaking and often make us cry. They provide the type of emotion that gives us solace.

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A song about a mans undying love for a woman

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Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss
A sad song about alcholosim and death.

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RodPatrick added Alan Jackson

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Tim McGraw
A tale of a young man's life and his sad pleas not to 'take the girl'

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RodPatrick added Johnny Cash

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A song about a lost loved one who is already in heaven.

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A song about the passing of a loved one

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A song about a man who misses his buddy who has passed away.

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A song about missing a grandfather who has passed away.

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A song about wondering what could have been

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A sad song about a little girl who is a victim of abuse.

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A song about a forgotten little girl who has to take care of herself.

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Willie Nelson
A song about regrets and unforgettable love.

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Dixie Chicks
A song about a soldier who doesn't come home

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Toby Keith
A song about soldiers who must go off to fight.

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Johnny Cash
The title says it all

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A song about lost love and plans of a life that never came

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Another sad song about loss, love and life

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RodPatrick added Miranda Lambert

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RodPatrick added Willie Nelson

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jeremy-fisher added Mark Wills

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A song about a young couple marrying before the man goes off to war

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Vince Gill
A sad song about a man finding his wife has left him.

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erika-steen added John Michael Montgomery