Saddest Deaths Ever

Humans are not emotionless, cold-blooded animals. Those whom we call cold-blooded were, deep down inside, just like the rest of us, only they have been blinded by money, fame, anger, or whatever that's pulling their strings. Sometimes, when someone dies, we have to feel sorry for them, even though we may not know them personally, even if we do not even know their names.

Some great folks have died without any regrets. Nonetheless, most of them are not so lucky. Zhuge Liang, a man who had led to the rise of Shu Han and witnessed its slow decline, died without seeing the Han Dynasty revived. Yue Fei was killed just before he could restore the Song Dynasty to its former glory. Lu Xiufu jumped into the sea with the little Song Emperor in his arms. Tan Sitong died in 1898, the reforms having died in the womb. Sun Yixian died in 1925, over twenty years too early to have the chance to see a unified Chinese Communist republic.
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