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The Saddest Deaths in Kids Movies

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This list of the most tragic and saddest deaths in kids movies will have you tearing up in no time. These traumatizing movie deaths made a whole generation of children sob and spend their adulthoods trying to sort through their feelings.The fact that these movies were aimed at children or teens did not spare the lives of these poor characters: Mufasa, Artax, Littlefoot's Mother, R.I.P.

As a kid, you rarely saw it coming. Even watching some of these movies as adults can still cause grown men to cry. They truly are some of the top tearjerker movies. Who could ever forget poor Simba's face when he realized that Mufasa died? Or the sad scene in My Girl when a young Anna Chlumsky (Vada) cried over the coffin of her best friend, Thomas? The characters on this list can bring you back to these sad scenes in kid's movies.

There are many sad Disney movies, both cartoon and live action. The saddest scenes in children's movies were either caused by the death of characters that you, as the audience, had grown to love (like Dumbledore) or that other people in the movie loved. For example, the death of Ellie Fredricksen in Up is one of the saddest movie deaths--not necessarily because people cared about Ellie (she was only briefly in the beginning of the movie) but because people could see how much Carl loved her.

The deaths of these characters made for sad family movies that were loved by kids and adults alike.
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