Disney Movies That Will Make You Cry

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This list is about ranking sad Disney movies from best to worst by user votes. The best sad Disney movies come in many forms. Some of the saddest Disney films feature characters letting go of childhood wonder while others address the loss of a loved one. A few good Disney movies that will make you cry have been remade and reimagined.

What films will you find on this saddest Disney movies list? Bambi has to come to mind. Early in the movie, the title character must cope with the unimaginable loss of his mother. This 1942 masterpiece also features environmental themes and love stories. Dumbo is another really sad Disney movie.

When it comes to Disney movies with sad endings, it doesn't get much better than Coco. Other good Disney movies that will make you cry include Up, Toy Story 3, and The Lion King.

Which Disney movie do you watch when you need a good cry? Give a vote up to the disney movies with the saddest moments and scenes. You can also add any movies we may have missed.

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