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Surprisingly Emotional Moments In 'How I Met Your Mother'

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How I Met Your Mother wasn't just the story of how a single guy in New York City met the girl of his dreams, but the story of five maladjusted young adults figuring out the meaning of life, one step at a time. While that sounds funny on paper, there were plenty of sad moments and emotional scenes that stemmed from their misadventures, including heartbreak, trauma, jealousy, and even death. Ted was the center of the story but these emotional moments were equally shared between Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Barney. 

If you didn't already plan to re-watch the series, here are some surprisingly emotional moments in How I Met Your Mother

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    Marshall's Dad Dies

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    Marshall is objectively the nicest character on How I Met Your Mother, which makes it extra hard to watch him go through traumatic events. The season 6 episode "Bad News" delivered the shocker that Marshall's father, Marvin Erikson Sr., had passed away from a sudden heart attack. Although it seemed out of the blue at first, Marshall grieving his father's death was the right emotional beat that helped Marshall transform into a responsible and loving father - just like Marvin was to him. 

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    Barney's Daughter Ellie Is Born

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    The series finale "Last Forever - Part Two" was a letdown in a lot of ways, but where it fully delivered was closing off Barney's storyline in the best way possible. In the finale, it is revealed that Barney had broken off his marriage with Robin and had gone back to his bachelor ways. That is until one of his hookups results in the birth of his daughter, Ellie. You see, it wasn't a matrimonial commitment that was ever going to stop Barney from being sleazy with women - but a daughter of his own. Now that he knows what it's like to be the father of a young girl, he's probably going to think twice before going back to his old ways. 

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    When Barney Finally Confronts His Dad For Leaving

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    While fans were waiting to find out the identity of The Mother, there was another juicy reveal waiting to be unearthed: The identity of Barney's biological father. In season 6, it was finally revealed that the man responsible for creating Barney was Jerome Whittaker, a boring family man (played by the amazing John Lithgow). Barney fantasized that his father would be "cool" just like he was, but when he found out that Jerome was just a typical dad, it angered him. Barney couldn't justify being abandoned by his father for no good reason, which only confused and saddened him even more. 

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    Ted Imagining More Time With Tracy

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    The season 8 episode "The Time Travelers" wasn't your usual How I Met Your Mother episode. The majority of the episode took place at MacLaren's pub and focused on Barney trying to convince Ted to go see Robots vs. Wrestlers with him. It is revealed near the end that Ted was misremembering a story from five years ago and he's actually sitting all alone at MacLaren's with a single ticket to Robots vs. Wrestlers. He tells his kids that if he had the power to go back to that night, he wouldn't go to the show but to his future wife's apartment and beg to spend the extra 45 days with her before they met. At the time this was a cute gesture but after learning that Tracy dies halfway into their marriage, this is utterly heartbreaking and moving. 

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