The Saddest 'Hunger Games' Deaths

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Hunger Games deaths are part of the deal, especially when the whole premise of the story is fighting to the last man or woman. Some deaths in The Hunger Games series are necessary, but then there are the ones you really feel.

When your characters are facing off with the evil, blood-reeking President Snow or the super-shady Alma Coin, you know that there’s going to be a lot of sacrificial lambs on the way to peace. Some of these ends sting more than they should, but they're all memorable. After you've dried your tears from reading this list, be sure to also check out our list of shows and movies like The Hunger Games.

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    How it happens: Tribute from District 1 (Marvel) spears her. 

    We all fell in love with sweet Rue from the first time we saw her. Marvel does a totally un-superhero thing and takes out a little girl. Katniss sings to the fading Rue and continues to honor the young girl by starting a revolution.

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    Finnick Odair

    How it happens: Lizard mutts. 

    Book fans have long known that Finnick wouldn’t make it to the end. As he makes his way up a ladder, he’s descended upon by mutts. Katniss’s reaction is our reaction. NOOOOOOOO!

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    How it happens: Capitol Peacekeepers do terrible things to him, probably.

    Cinna has been waiting a long time to take down the Capitol and Katniss is his chance. He helps incite the revolution through his designs, and probably knows his ticket is going to get punched after he designs that Mockingjay dress.

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    How it happens: Sneak attack (and Gale, kind of).

    As Prim rushes in as part of a medical team to help the wounded during the battle at the Capitol, she succumbs to an attack launched by rebels, including Gale. Katniss's heart breaks. 

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    How it happens: She sacrifices herself by walking into the noxious fog. 

    Finnick needs to carry a wounded Peeta and Mags can't keep up. So to buy Finnick, Katniss, and Peeta time to get out, she bravely walks into the fog. The immediate cannon fire sounds off the quiet, brave demise of Mags, who took the place of a young girl from District 4.

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    District 11 Old Man Protestor

    District 11 Old Man Protestor
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    How it happens: Capitol Peacekeepers shoot him in the back of the head.

    On the victory tour visit to District 11 - Rue and Thresh’s district - an old man raises his hand in the sign of solidarity and revolution and whistles the Mockingjay tune. That’s all it takes. The Peacekeepers drag him to the stage and shoot him in the head. We feel the loss of Rue and Thresh and the oppression of the people in this one scene, through this one character’s passing. 

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