14 Most Heartbreaking Things About MCU's Loki

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There's no doubt that the most popular villain to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the God of Mischief, Loki. His fanbase is such that he's even received his own Disney+ series to headline his own show after being a supporting character in the Thor movies. The reason for his popularity is due to Loki's multifaceted characterization that has seen audiences sympathize with him.

All-in-all, there are many tragic things in Loki's backstory that make him worthy of such sympathy, and it's worth looking into the saddest Loki moments to discover more about the MCU's resident trickster.

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    He Gave His Life Because He Didn't Want Thor To Die Alone

    The opening of Avengers: Infinity War saw Thanos take on the Asgardians in space, following which he eliminated half of the group as part of his M.O. He came looking for the Tesseract in Loki's possession, which Loki revealed to have hidden where only he could claim it. Loki had ample time to escape, especially since the Tesseract allowed him to travel anywhere in the universe, but chose not to as Thanos had Thor captive.

    When Loki's plan of siccing the Hulk on Thanos didn't work after the latter made short work of the monster, he decided he would go down with the ship. To this end, he took one last swing at Thanos's head with a concealed knife but was caught, as Thanos proceeded to crush Loki's neck.

    Loki was aware he would meet this fate if he didn't escape, yet stayed onboard as he didn't want Thor to die alone. In fact, he tried to make it easy on his brother by assuring that "the sun will shine on us again," as a way of hoping the two would meet once more in the afterlife. Sadly, Thor had to watch as Thanos ended his brother and survived knowing Loki gave his life to be with Thor in death.

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    Odin Deliberately Cut Loki's Contact With Frigga To Antagonize Him

    In the opening moments of Thor: The Dark World, Loki was sentenced by Odin to serve his life in prison for his transgressions on Earth, which still didn't rattle Loki. Knowing his deepest connection was with Frigga, Odin cruelly forbade his wife from meeting Loki anymore, claiming the latter would never see her again.

    This did the trick as a horrified Loki left in tears with the realization that his mother was taken away from him.

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    His Last Words To Frigga Were His Denial Of Being Her Son

    Frigga was forbidden from visiting Loki in his cell but did so anyway by using her magic to cast an illusion of herself around Loki. During what turned out to be her final visit, Frigga appealed to Loki to show remorse for his actions in the Battle of New York, only for Loki to counter that Odin had slain more in his lifetime and screamed that the latter wasn't his father.

    When Frigga asked if that meant she wasn't Loki's mother, he hesitantly replied that she wasn't. Loki didn't mean what he said, as evidenced when he tried to apologize to her the next moment, but this ended up being the last time he saw his mother as she was dispatched shortly after. Even sadder is the fact that Loki wasn't even allowed to attend her funeral.

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    He Had A Hand In His Mother's Demise

    He Had A Hand In His Mother's Demise
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    Loki's imprisonment in Thor: The Dark World left him bitter and full of resentment for Thor and Odin, who never visited him in his cell even a year after his incarceration. After Dark Elves laid siege to Asgard, they came across Loki in the dungeons, who saw this as a way to gain revenge on Thor and directed them toward his brother's quarters. However, he didn't realize his mother, Frigga, was there at the time, meaning the Dark Elves came across Loki's mother, who was then slain by their leader, Malekith.

    In the Loki Disney+ series, the Time Variant Loki saw what his future held and witnessed his mother's end, also learning he was responsible for her demise, which left Loki distraught.

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    He Was Abandoned As A Baby Shortly After His Birth

    He Was Abandoned As A Baby Shortly After His Birth
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    Loki's life began immediately under tragic circumstances as his father wanted nothing to do with him. Despite being the prince of Jotunheim, Loki was left to perish shortly after he was born on an abandoned rock. The reason for this was Laufey's embarrassment at Loki's size, as the baby was very small for a Frost Giant.

    It was only coincidental the Asgardians had laid siege to Jotunheim at the time, and Odin happened to stumble upon baby Loki crying.

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    Odin Only Adopted Loki For His Plans To Eventually Use Him For His Own Benefit

    Loki carried the name of Odinson throughout his life due to being adopted by Odin, but the truth is that the latter initially had no plans to consider him as such. According to Odin himself, he only took Loki in due to his plans of using the boy later in life as a way to have peace with Jotunheim, as Odin hoped to place Loki as king of Jotunheim while Thor ruled Asgard.

    Although Odin backtracked on this once he genuinely grew to care for Loki, it's sadly a fact that baby Loki was only saved as part of a plan.

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