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The Saddest Deaths In The MCU

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Vote up the MCU losses that hit you right where it hurts.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has perfected the art of emotional manipulation. Although these films supposedly focus on superheroes fighting bad guys, the MCU has expanded beyond a simple action hero story. Instead, this franchise has learned how to get fans deeply invested in each individual character, only to rip that beloved personality away in the most horrific way. Each new MCU installment comes with its own set of tear-inducing moments, each one a little more difficult to watch than the last.

While the heartbreaking end of certain characters is simply the norm in Marvel movies, some passings are especially difficult to deal with. The complexity of these characters and their relationships with other members of the Marvel universe means that each new passing has a ripple effect that runs throughout the MCU. But it's not just the other characters who suffer during a loss. Devoted fans who feel they know these personalities also feel a hole in their hearts when certain characters disappear from their screens forever. 

Well, it's time to relive the torment. Take a look below at some of the saddest deaths in the MCU and vote up the ones that hit you right where it hurts.