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What Made You Cry Most In The MCU Movies?

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Vote up the MCU moments that made you cry the most.

For over a decade, Marvel Studios has kept us entertained by adapting one of the greatest comic universes into a cinematic adventure packed with apocalyptic action and family-friendly humor. The Marvel Cinematic Universe features interdimensional storylines and unique characters who fit together in a way no other film franchise has accomplished. Whenever the epic forces of dark and light engage, there are bound to be trials and tribulations - and more than a few heartbreaking moments.

Although the MCU offers action-packed adventure, producers have also successfully adapted sad comics moments onto the big screen. From Yondu's emotional sacrifice to Agent Coulson's demise at the hands of the infamous trickster god, Marvel movies are just as dramatic as they are exciting, and the saddest moments in the MCU have brought tears to the eyes of even the most hardened fans.

Grab a box of tissues and vote up the MCU moments that made you cry the most.