The 15 Saddest Deaths In ‘One Piece’ That Made Us Cry

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Overall, One Piece is a fairly positive series. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have some seriously tragic moments. When a character perishes, fans feel the pain. This list is counting down some of the saddest deaths in One Piece from start to finish. So if you want to avoid spoilers, you might want to check out one of our other One Piece lists instead. 

Are any of these heartbreaking demises among your top 10 saddest One Piece deaths?


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    Ace's demise at the hands of Akainu was without a doubt one of the most tragic parts of the series. Because of his heritage, the Marines decided there was no other choice but to end his life. Akainu did it by ramming a magma fist straight through his chest. This incinerates his insides. 

    Ace doesn't pass instantly but is instead able to say a few last words while laying in his brother's arms. Luffy's misery combined with Ace's gratitude for the love he's received makes the scene hit all the harder.

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  • Though he was once loyal to his brother Doflamingo, Donquixote Rosinante had no choice but to betray him. For that, he paid the ultimate price. Doflamingo wanted Rosinante to eat the Op-Op Fruit himself so that he could use its techniques to make Doflamingo immortal at the expense of Rosinante's life. Rosinante had another idea - he wanted Trafalgar Law to eat the fruit and be cured of Amber Lead disease. 

    For going against his brother's wishes, he was attacked and then shot. Because he was able to get Law to safety, he was able to pass on with a smile on his face. 

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    Going Merry

    Usually, a ship wouldn't qualify for a list like this. But the Going Merry was a beloved part of the Straw Hat crew. When it finally becomes so damaged that it's impossible to sail it safely, it's hard to say goodbye. So hard, in fact, that Luffy and Usopp's disagreement about how to handle it nearly tears the crew apart.

    Eventually, they give the Going Merry a Viking funeral, and the ship is able to convey its feelings towards the crew. 

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    Vinsmoke Sora was Sanji's mother. Her husband, Judge, wanted her to give birth to children who were both immensely powerful and lacking in emotion or empathy. To this end, he forced her to get an invasive surgery.

    She took a drug to try and counteract its effects, but the drug only worked on Sanji. What's more, it damaged her health so badly that it would eventually take her life. But she didn't pass right away, which meant that she had to see how cruel three of her sons had become before she passed away. She also had to see both her sons and her husband mistreat Sanji, and was unable to do anything about it. 

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    The Rumbar Pirates

    After losing more than half of their crew to an incurable disease, the Rumbar Pirates continued their journey through the Grand Line. But when they entered the Florian Triangle, they were attacked. Though they initially survived, they ended up being severely poisoned. As the crew succumbed to the poison, they tried to keep their spirits up by singing. By the end, there was no one left but Brook. Even he eventually perished, though, of course, he'd come back later due to his Devil Fruit. 

    As if this whole story weren't painful enough, they promised a whale named Laboon that they'd return, but they were never able to. Years later, Laboon was still waiting for them. 

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    Hoping to distract Charlotte Perospero long enough to allow the Sanji Retrieval Team to escape, Pedro set off an explosion that ends his life. Why does he make such a major sacrifice? Because he believes that they will be the ones who bring about the Dawn of the World, an event that the Mink Tribe has been awaiting for centuries.

    Not much is known about the Dawn of the World, but one thing is known - it's connected to the Poneglyphs. To Pedro, his life was nothing in comparison to that important event. 

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