The Saddest Romantic Dramas Of 2022

The best sad romance movies from 2022 show the strength of love in the face of loss or adversity. While there can be comedic moments, or even happy endings in these 2022 romantic dramas, there is a thread of sadness throughout the film. So grab a box of tissues or just cry into your popcorn as you watch these somewhat depressing romance movies that came out this year. The Worst Person in the World is a great film for those still figuring out what to do with their lives and recognize the unintentional pain it can cause others. While The In Between showcases a couple that attempts to overcome the barrier between life and death.

Vote up your favorite 2022 sad romance movies and vote down any you think other fans should skip. Be sure to check back throughout the year to vote on new and upcoming sad romance movies as they are released and added to the list.

  • The In Between
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    It's hard to let go of your first love. Tessa's (Joey King) boyfriend, Skylar (Kyle Allen) may be attempting to stay in contact with her after dying in a car accident. Death doesn't stand a chance against their romance.

    Tessa doesn't believe she deserves her own love story until she meets Skylar, a true romantic. When a car accident kills Skylar, Tessa searches for answers and thinks that Skylar is trying to connect with her from the afterworld. Tessa tries to contact Skylar one last time so their love story can have the ending it deserves.
    • Actors: Joey King, Kyle Allen, Kim Dickens, John Ortiz, Celeste O'Connor
    • Directed by: Arie Posin
  • Purple Hearts
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    An aspiring musician agrees to a marriage of convenience with a soon-to-deploy Marine, but a tragedy soon turns their fake relationship all too real.
    • Actors: Sofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine, Chosen Jacobs, Linden Ashby, Anthony Ippolito
    • Directed by: Ben Lewin, Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum

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  • Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between
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    Jordan Fisher and Talia Ryder play a very much in love high school couple that decide they will break up before college. They start to question that decision over one very special date in this Netflix original teen drama. 

    Claire and Aidan make a pact to break up before college -- no regrets, no broken hearts. However, one epic goodbye date may offer them a last chance at love.
    • Actors: Talia Ryder, Jordan Fisher, Jenn Robertson, Nico Hiraga, Sarah Grey

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  • My Policeman
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    Tom, a policeman in 1950s Britain, falls in love with a schoolteacher on the Brighton coast. However, he soon begins a passionate same-sex affair with a museum curator, in spite of homosexuality being illegal.
    • Actors: Harry Styles, Emma Corrin, David Dawson, Rupert Everett, Gina McKee
    • Directed by: Michael Grandage

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  • The Worst Person in the World
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    While this Norwegian film certainly has its emotional ups and downs, the end result is a composed and relatable story about what it means to find oneself.

    A young woman battles indecisiveness as she traverses the troubled waters of her love life and struggles to find her career path.
    • Actors: Anders Danielsen Lie, Maria Grazia Di Meo, Renate Reinsve, Herbert Nordrum, Hans Olav Brenner
    • Directed by: Joachim Trier
  • The Sky Is Everywhere
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    Life doesn't stop when you lose a loved one and that couldn't be more true for Lennie as she navigates two suitors at the most difficult time in her life so far. Josephine Decker brings the novel to life in this thoughtful romantic drama.

    Tucked among the redwood trees of Northern California and surrounded by her grandmother's roses, 17-year-old Lennie Walker, a radiant musical prodigy, struggles with overwhelming grief following the sudden loss of her older sister, Bailey.
    • Actors: Grace Kaufman, Pico Alexander, Jason Segel, Cherry Jones, Jacques Colimon
    • Directed by: Josephine Decker