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Sitcoms with the Most Emotional Final Scenes

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It's funny how sitcoms that are intended to make us laugh end up making us weep like little babies when they come to an end. Can you blame us? Some of these sitcoms end up running for over a decade - that is a very long time to get to know someone, even if they are a fictional character in a TV sitcom.

If the final scene in a sitcom or silly movie made you shed a tear, it means the creators did something right. We feel so connected to these characters that we actually feel grief when they are ripped out of our lives so suddenly, almost like we're losing a real friend. Luckily for us, we get to keep these characters in our lives indefinitely via physical media and streaming services, but that doesn't mean we didn't bawl our eyes out when we got to that final scene.

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    In 'Friends,' The Group Tearfully Says Goodbye To The Apartment

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    The Friends finale is a tearful one because it reminds us that all good things come to an end. The gang has spent almost every second of their lives together for years on end, but now it's time to move on and "return the keys" to the old apartment. As each character slowly drops their spare key on the kitchen counter, we remember that despite all the good times they had, it's definitely time for everyone to move on with their lives. 

    As the scene comes to a close, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) desperately asks the gang if they have time for one more coffee. She knows they will all see each other again, but it will get harder and harder each time as everyone starts their own families. They agree to grab a cup of coffee and make their way out of the apartment. The final shot of the series is of the six keys that were left behind. 

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    In 'The Big Bang Theory,' The Gang Hangs Out And Eats Chinese Food Like Old Times

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    The Big Bang Theory somehow managed to be both the longest-running and most ridiculed multicam sitcom of all time, but after 12 seasons, it was finally time to go out, and they indeed went out with a bang. After making everything about him for the past 12 years, Sheldon reaches a point of maturity when he dedicates his Nobel Prize speech to his best friends who carried him through thick and thin. It's a beautiful moment that's accompanied by an epilogue of the gang eating Chinese food and hanging out in the old apartment like old times, reminding us of how far they've come from the first scene to the last. 

    For a show that rarely tried to get *too* serious, saying goodbye after 12 years was a big deal, and The Big Bang Theory seemed to do it just right. 

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    In 'The Office,' Everybody Visits Dunder Mifflin One Last Time

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    Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) sums up the point of The Office perfectly in his final (but extremely poignant) line of the series. As the employees of Dunder Mifflin, past and present, visit their old workplace, they are overwhelmed with feelings of joy and gratitude for the office. A place they once found extremely boring and mundane was actually the same place where they would make their fondest memories. Michael Scott had it right the entire time: Dunder Mifflin was indeed a very special place thanks to the people who worked there. 

    The final scene of the series is spent watching our favorite characters catch up and reflect before leaving the office for the final time. 

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    In 'Modern Family,' The Family Enjoys One Final Moment All Together Before Going Off To Live Their Own Lives

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    If you've ever had trouble scheduling an event with your family or friends, imagine how these guys felt. The final scene of Modern Family sees the entire family share one last hug before a quick montage of everybody moving on, set to brief but poignant narration by Jay (Ed O'Neill). The moment is touching for anyone who has a big family because we know it's not often that everybody you love gets to be in a room together at the same time. People leave and tragedy strikes, but the most important thing is to hold onto what you have.

    The series ends with the family literally holding on to each other one last time. The scene is not just for them, but for us, the viewers. After watching them for 11 years, it was nice to get some much needed catharsis before moving on with our own lives.

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