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Sitcoms with the Most Emotional Final Scenes

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It's funny how sitcoms that are intended to make us laugh end up making us weep like little babies when they come to an end. Can you blame us? Some of these sitcoms end up running for over a decade - that is a very long time to get to know someone, even if they are a fictional character in a TV sitcom.

If the final scene in a sitcom or silly movie made you shed a tear, it means the creators did something right. We feel so connected to these characters that we actually feel grief when they are ripped out of our lives so suddenly, almost like we're losing a real friend. Luckily for us, we get to keep these characters in our lives indefinitely via physical media and streaming services, but that doesn't mean we didn't bawl our eyes out when we got to that final scene.

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    In ‘Boy Meets World,’ Mr. Feeny Dismisses The Class One Last Time

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    As the group says their goodbyes to Mr. Feeny in the final scene of Boy Meets World, we are reminded of the incredible impact that a passionate and caring teacher can have on a student's life. As they prepare to leave the classroom for the final time, Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) begs Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) to admit that he loves them, except he doesn't have to. All that he's done for them over the course of the series is enough proof that people can change each other's lives without evening knowing it. 

    After they leave the room, Mr. Feeny lingers in the classroom for a moment before admitting to himself that he loves them, then tearfully utters, "Class dismissed," before leaving the classroom. It is a moment that will still make you tear up, even now. 

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    In ‘Fresh Prince,’ Will Looks Over The Empty House And Turns Off The Light (On Carlton)

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    The final scene of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a touching moment because it technically wasn't meant to be the series finale. After Season 6, Will Smith wanted to move on, and there were talks of changing networks, so NBC opted not to renew the series, turning this episode into the official series finale. We'll never know what would've come from a seventh season. but we do know that Fresh Prince ended in style.

    Watching Will walk around the empty house for the last time was a fitting way to say goodbye - almost like we were leaving with him. Then, in a final gag, Will says goodbye to everyone and emotionally turns off the lights - prompting Carlton to freak out and run down the stairs with his pants unbuckled yelling, "WHO TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS?? WHERE IS EVERYBODY??" It's both a fitting series finale and a parody of emotional series finales.

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    In 'M*A*S*H,' B.J. Leaves A Heartfelt 'Goodbye' For Hawkeye

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    You would think that a show about an army hospital set during the Korean War would have no business being as funny or heartwarming as it was, but M*A*S*H was just that. After 11 seasons, the show finally bowed out with a two and a half hour finale that was watched on more TV screens across the country than any other television episode to date. In the finale, the war finally comes to an end, and Hawkeye (Alan Alda) can't be sent home soon enough despite being one of the last people to leave the base. On his way out, he's treated to a heartfelt, sincere goodbye note, made out of rocks, by his friend and ally B.J. (Mike Ferrell) in the touching final scene of the series.

    The finale was expertly directed and co-written by the series lead Alan Alda, and is still regarded as one of the best series finales to date. 

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    In 'Cheers,' Sam Tells A Customer 'We're Closed' And Shuts Off The Lights

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    Cheers paved the way for all the sitcoms we know and love today. After 11 seasons on the air, Cheers said goodbye in the second most-watched TV finale of all time (second to M*A*S*H). In the finale, Sam (Ted Dansen) almost leaves the bar for good to be with Diane (Shelley Long) in Los Angeles but ultimately decides to return to Boston. As Norm (George Wendt) finishes up his last drink, he remarks that he knew Sam would return to his "one true love." 

    Sam asks Norm to clarify but he doesn't have to. As Norm exits, another customer tries to enter but Sam tells him that Cheers is closed and we fade out as Sam makes his way to the back room. Although Cheers seems to have a "happy" ending, the moment is bittersweet as we realize we've seen the bar for the last time.

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