The Most Emotional TV Shows In 2022
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The Most Emotional TV Shows In 2022

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Vote up the television series airing new episodes during the 2022 calendar year that pack the biggest emotional punch.

From tearjerkers to the shows that fill your heart with love, the most emotional shows of 2022 have just the thing to set your peepers to weep. Emotional shows aren't just there when you need an ugly cry, they just fill you with feels. In 2022 there are some heartbreakingly good examples of emotional shows and we've got them here, ranked thanks to your votes.

Maybe you are a sucker for romance? Shows like Virgin River and Outlander are basically scientifically formulated to grab you by the emotions. For those who are less prone to the catharsis of a good cry, series such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Last of Us know how to sneak around your defenses and get your right in the heart.

Which of these emotional shows series hit you in the feels the hardest? Which are you most looking forward to in 2022? Vote up your favorites and watch as the most emotional shows TV shows rise to the top!