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TV Shows That Essentially Exist To Make You Cry

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While depressing TV shows are hard to watch, we often find ourselves so invested in the characters that we can't resist. We just keep watching to find out what happens next, even if we know it'll break our hearts. That's why some of the saddest TV shows are often the best, filled with characters so likable that we feel for them and want them to get through their horrible pain. Sometimes, the sadness is just so real that it's hard to stop crying no matter how hard you try. Whether it's a drama, comedy, or even a cartoon, there are sad elements in almost every show.

If one thing is for sure, though, no matter how sad these shows make us, we just can't stop watching. Often, the shows that make you cry are the best shows of all. Sure, being sad is no fun, but if a show can get that much emotion out of you, then they must be doing something right. So, here are some of the biggest tearjerker TV shows that likely exist just to make you cry.

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