15 Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

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Expert travelers: vote up the best tips that will help keep tourists and their cash safe.

Traveling can be fun and exciting, especially if you're in the know about the local rules! But one worry you might have while globe-trotting is how to keep your money safe. Thankfully, these experienced travelers are sharing their stories and tips. Check out these useful tourist cash tips and vote up! 

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    Don't Take Your Eyes Off Your Cards

    From a former Redditor:

    If you're traveling, never take your eyes off your credit card when it's being run. I was almost scammed at a pizza spot in the Dominican Republic because they ran it twice and faked a customer "refund" to keep the money for themselves after I left. I got the bank texts, went back, and they refunded me in cash.

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    Get A Prepaid Visa

    From Redditor u/butwinsky:

    When I go out of state, I get a prepaid visa. I enjoy eating at mom-and-pop local diners, but apparently they're also really bad for taking your credit card info. Had this happen multiple times in a year.

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    Buy A Cheap Wallet And Stash Some Cash In Your Shoe

    From a former Redditor:

    When I'm out and about I'm using a wallet that I bought at a dollar store that only has what money I need for the day and one credit card. That's it. Cancel the card and lose $50. Make sure you actually know what number to call and have it written down somewhere beforehand. Maybe keep a single bill ($5 equivalent) tucked into your shoe or pocket to get a taxi or bus back to your accommodations. I once had a wallet taken while I was passed out on a bus (I know! I was young). I woke up at the end of the line and since I didn't have any money the bus drivers wouldn't let me back on! I ended up walking and explaining my story to every bus that passed. Eventually, someone felt sorry for me and let me on for free.

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    Keep A Dummy Wallet Close At Hand

    From Redditor u/DamnItHeelsGood:

    If you’re worried about pickpockets, just wear pants/shorts that have zipper pockets or at least a back pocket with a button. I personally hate the idea of a money belt, so I only wear travel pants with a discrete hidden zippered pocket. The only way you could get pickpocketed with these is if you’re drunk or impaired in a crowded area. Don’t do that.

    If you’re going to be in sketchy enough areas, invest in a hidden money belt, and carry a dummy wallet with a fake or deactivated credit card and a convincing yet relatively small amount of cash. In the unlikely event you get held up, hand it over and get the hell outta there.

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    Use Contactless Payments Through Your Phone

    From Redditor u/lilveeps:

    What I always do is keep an emergency amount of cash and at least one credit card back at where I’m staying just in the off chance that I ever get pickpocketed or lose my sh*t (which I do quite often). Also, a HUGE big tip is using contactless payments through your phone or Apple watch and such. In places like Europe and America, most shops usually accept it and it’s incredibly secure. That way you’re not carrying much cash around and your cards are relatively safe. For the most part, I’m usually holding onto my phone if I’m in public, so it’s something I know stays with me at all times.

    Things with zips or buttons will help, pretty much anything that might make a noise or require more effort to open. Never had any problems with losing money and maybe it’s sheer luck, but I’d like to think these things help a bit! Otherwise, front pockets or even inside pockets of jackets and such are ideal for me. Never felt the need to personally get a money belt or anything of that sort.

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    Set Daily Limits

    From Redditor u/jdhobbsuk:

    Get a Monzo [bank] account. Use it like a pre-paid card, either loading it up for your entire vacation or drip-feeding it from your main bank account... It’s an app when you need:

    - [To] set limits

    - Instant notifications of transactions

    - [To] freeze a card direct from the app

    - No fees for using abroad