Total Nerd This Artist Has Been Making Hilariously Random Comics For Years, And They're Taking Over Instagram  

Suzanne Jennett
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Much like the Extra Fabulous web strip and NHOJ's comics, the Safely Endangered webcomics are hilarious and they're taking Instagram by storm. Theirs is a particularly dark brand of humor but artist Chris McCoy struck gold when he created the toons in 2012. Self-proclaimed nerds like the mini web strips but so do young children, gamers, and parents. Safely Endangered is cracking up the entire web.

Though McCoy is British, he's been inspired by American cartoons like The Simpsons and Futurama and it's evidenced in his work how easy it is for "geek culture" to transcend national boundaries. The artist even takes on issues such as dating culture and homophobia but he does so with a grace that's somewhat unusual for a comedic artist.

Safely Endangered mostly addresses everyday concerns and though the assorted comics below will feel relatable you might feel a little guilty for laughing at them. Keep reading and be prepared to suspend a tiny bit of your conscientiousness. 

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